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“Pikarus is Roger Masip from Barcelona, Spain. He has the first experience with the electronic music more than 10 years ago; going, dancing, playing and organizing many free parties in Barcelona area. After some years, he discover psychedelic trance scene, going to many festivals around Europe, where he fell in love with this scene. Then he started to play in little trance parties and family gatherings, playing with friends, pioneers dj’s from Spain scene like Fluoelf, Chik’m, Ashaudi, Hermitical, Cleantrip, Obit and more….. The Pikarus project was born along with the La Maloka collective in Barcelona. His mission is to find, promote, and play the most evolved psytrance that crosses boundries and breaks limits, fusing aspects of darkprog, forest, groovy and psychedlic sounds into the enigmatic genres. Playing events like Transition Festival 2013 (chillout), Freqs of Nature 2013 (after party), SUN Festival 2013 (unnofficial after party), Transition Festival 2014 (chillout), Freqs of Nature 2014(chillout and Groove floor, OWN Spirit (2015), INCHALA (2016), AMAZONAS ANDES Festival (2016), KALIMELA (2016), ATMAN FESTIVAL (2017) and sharing the tables with diverse international artists… Pikarus is constantly evolving and adapting his sound to fit the moment on the dancefloor, allways providing a full energetic set!
Lately, Pikarus, expanded his horizons in the chillout and downtempo music, providing slow, deep, ethnic tunes, but always with a marked kick and always danceable.”