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Nazarï is the name of the music project by Rubén Ruiz Fernández, born in Málaga, Spain. He was living for a long time in Granada, where he first met Psytrance music. Influenced by Psytrance He began his first mixes and them he discovered his passion for this musical genre that defines him personally and to him «it’s a way of living life».
He began his first performances in Andalucía (Spain), being a resident of Granada with “Burning Slippers”. His DJ sets are always influenced by producers such as: Lunatica, Djantrix, Burn in noise, Outsiders, Hypatia, Render, Ajja, etc.
He currently lives in London where a year ago he began to recreate his own sounds and began to learn production. Nazarï comes stronger than ever presenting his first Ep «Physical Realities» 3 months ago in collaboration with Hypatia on Maharetta Records, making his dream come true and producing his own sound.
He will take you to enjoy a Set full of positive energies and wonderful sensations. You will not be able to stop dancing with this Dj and producer of Psytrance and Psychedelic trance. Each Set will be a unique experience.