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“MantisMash project was born somewhere in the end of the 2000’s.
Blending and Mashing together all the soundscapes that inspire his life,
from Psy-Dubby Chill to Psy-Glitchy Breaks all covered with a layer of spinning fractals, MantisMash’s sound can be mainly describes as ‘Psy-Bass’.

His music was released through ‘Merkaba Music’, ‘Shanti Planti’,
‘Adapted Records’, also in VA’s, Collaborations & Remixes with;
Symbolico, Tribone, Ozric Tentacles, Master Minded, Sixis, Gumi and more,
on labels like ‘Sofa Beats’, ‘Hadra Records’, ‘Swamp Music’, ‘Aquatic Collective’…

MantisMash been performing around the globe providing vibrations at various events and festivals like Psy-Fi, Boomtown Fair, Lost Theory, Momento Demento, Infrasound, Sun Festival, Ufo Bufo and many more..
He was touring 3 years in a row with the legendary space rock band
“”Ozric Tentacles”” as their support act around Europe and the US
and also was part of the Ozrics more chilled electronic side project
‘Nodens Ictus’.

MantisMash aims to lift your soul and take it on a journey through multidimentional audio landscapes, make your body and mind move flow a fractal tree, spreading the love and light of this incredible universe.”