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“Mandaliser is Angus Young from the U.K
Angus is based in Mandrem in Goa where he currently has his studio. Angus has been producing for many years under various guises and has collaborated with some of the biggest names in psychedelic music such as Tristan, Braincell and unknown reality. He started his journey playing DATS and organising shamanic nature parties in 1993 all over Asia. The Mandaliser project is brand new and is inspired by natural sounds recorded around the globe then sampled, twisted, stretched and mandalised to create a kaleidoscopic symphony. It is primarily an organic synthetic downbeat psychedelic project ranging from beatless meditational journeys to groovy psychedelic revelations. “”the lord of the frogs”” is in honor of a particular bull frog who lives in his garden in monsoon and is made entirely from frog frequencies (even the kick and bass!)”