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“Jakare is Halfred and Lo.Renzo new collaborative project exploring South american shamanic soundscapes with musical instruments like charango, ocarina and pan flutes blended with organic textures and digital grooves, thus creating a mix of tribal and post-modern musical concoction.
“”Embarking on their second collaborative endeavor, the Italian beat makers and multi- instrumentalists, Halfred and Lo.Renzo further solidify their close working relationship with their first EP as Jakare. Released on Desert Trax, Jakare’s ‘Apu’ EP is the culmination of all that’s dear about both artists’ creative vision, blending intricate technical design with melodic tenderness and biophilic atmospherics. The artists’ choice to pursue these new avenues of shamanic downtempo music reflects their willingness to start afresh under a new alias and pursue experimentation without the pre- conceived associations with their solo projects.””
Jakare will also debut their live show at Spain’s Own Spirit Festival festival this summer. Get ready to grow leaves out your ears!”””