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Emiliano Pesce is the name behind Ishdub,also part of the project Macaw with Mariano Tur (Animalien) and Tepezcohuite Sound Porject with Torma in dub. Raised in mexico, label manager of the chill section of kupuri music. He has play in many festivals around the globe like Tribal gathering, Earthdance (Argentina), Ozora, Cosmic Convergence , Sonica, Modem, S.U.N. Festival, W.A.O. and Human Evolution and in the best’s festivals in Mexico like Kupuri Festival, Ometeotl, Aeon, Ritual and The Promised Land. Ishdub’s music contains a wide range of dub and chill varieties with organic and psychedelic sounds and deep basses , always with the Rasta ideology’s positive vibrations.