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Food Truck Terms & Conditions


Rates and operating rules


In the year 2019 at Own Spirit Festival we used a centralized payment mechanism and this year we are still evaluating different possibilities.

You agree to collaborate with the payment method with which the organization decides to work.

(More information will be provided)

* Measures and prices per stand *

* STANDARD: € 1900 (+ 21% VAT)

4x4m2 and 4 kW (maximum limit) per standard stand

* BIG: € 2300 (+ 21% VAT)

6x5m2 and 6 kW square (maximum limit) large stand

The stands may open throughout the festival, 24 hours a day, within the festival schedule (open / closed gate)

Since July 14, 2022 at 12.00 pm

Until July 18, 2020 at 18.00 pm.

 (Please let us know the weekly calendar with your schedule in advance)

The price of the standard stand includes: 3 Free Tickets exclusively for workers + 3 reduced by 50% (exclusive for Workers if communicated previously)

The price of the big stand includes: 4 Free Tickets exclusively for workers + 4 reduced by 50% (exclusive for Workers if communicated previously)

The price of your stand also includes:

*Your rented space

*Supply of the agreed electricity in kW

*A water collection point and another for the emptying of its deposits (the water supply will not reach the trucks directly)

*The truck / stand price is for the 5 days of the festival.

You can arrive two days before (July 12) and stay a day later (July 19) only for assembly / disassembly, you cannot assemble or disassemble during the days of the festival, the food trucks or stands will only remain open during the festival, neither before nor after.

When formalizing the request, the commitment to keep the truck active at least from 10 am to 10 pm is assumed during all the days of the festival, with the exception of July 14, and on July 18 where the sale will be according to the opening hours and Festival closing.

Please let us know the weekly calendar with your stand schedule.

In case of not being able to participate in the Food Market we will evaluate if the amount will be returned, you must notify it before June 15 (and the refund will be considered only, exclusively, until June 15 and only in cases of force majeure, serious illness, accidents, or other demonstrable cases, already assessed by the organization).

In the case of absences without notice, the amount paid will NOT be refunded. In the event that the schedule established in advance is not respected participation in future editions of the festival will be penalized.


Prior reservation is required via form.

Own Spirit will confirm receiving and compliance of the reservation.

Submitting the reservation request does not guarantee your participation.

Once you have been selected, you are due to pay for your stand within 10 days from the day you are notified, otherwise it will be canceled (the call will end the 12th of May 2022; the selection will take about one week and you can expect a notification by the 20th of May 2022).

The allocation of positions will be made according to the order of payment and under prior selection.

The number of Food Trucks will be limited and the organization reserves the right of selection.

The necessary material to assemble the stand (such as tools, tent, etc.) is NOT included in the price of the spot.

* FUNCTIONING *          

Each one will have to bring the material to build their own stand (structures outside the rented space are not allowed, for any proposal contact us).

The stands will have to be assembled and ready to open 1 hour before the official opening of the Festival.

The stands cannot be shared.

It is necessary to be present during all market hours, take responsibility during the entire festival of the space you occupy and attend your own stand.

The organization is not responsible for theft / breakage of personal or lost items, or accidents to materials intended for structures, etc.

All stands will have to leave the space as they found it. (Clean and collected at the end of the event).

There will be trash / recycling / compost containers on the perimeter to which you must take your waste (Ecoteam regulations and protocol with emptying twice a day).

The conditions proposed in the form are definitive and essential to be able to open the food truck at Own Spirit 2022, if all the requirements are not met (documentation in order, electrical or hydraulic material, material for waste management, etc.) for the correct functioning of your business you could lose the right to participate with your stand at the Food Market, since we cannot make exceptions, or last minute changes, once your participation has been reserved and your application has been submitted, all your information will be registered and with it your place and its facilities will be prepared, therefore we cannot allow changes, if they are not met, there will be no returns or refunds for such faults.

If you have any questions or problems you can request more information from the staff of the Food Truck organization.

The attitude of the people working is part of the experience of the festival, so we ask for kindness and respect towards the public and / or other vendors, as well as towards the organization. This means NO screaming, fights, or violence of any kind.

It is not allowed to have your own sound system.

You cannot use plastic for food distribution, or dishwashing soaps or cleaning products that are not ecofriendly, you can use only soaps that are organic.



The loading and unloading will have to be agile and favor entry and exit of vehicles.

When you arrive: it is essential to go to the organization, there we will check your reservation and we will assign you to your space and your parking (the food area is in the central heart square).

We recommend you having the material organized for an easy download and fast transfer.

Once your vehicle is unloaded you have to park it in the parking lot, cars cannot be left in the square, so you will be given a numbered parking lot at the entrance.


Forbidden food:

* Eggs: no fresh product with fresh eggs (neither tortillas, nor mayonnaise, nor tiramisu, etc.)

 * Raw fish, Raw meat.

Each dish must have a description of the ingredients visible «at all times» your stand takes over this responsibility.


The prices of products and ingredients must be exposed and visible at all times.

* REQUIRED!!!! *

* Water tank.

* Hot water tank.

* Gray water tank.

* Pedal tap (by regulation).

* Standard extinguisher according to machinery or fire used.

* Thermal-electric magnet: 4 kw or 6 kw as agreed with the organization. (This means that your installation will have to be prepared for the electrical connection provided by the organization).

* Recycling and compost bins, and carafe for emptying water to the tanks, according to sustainability protocols (you will receive the sustainability protocol).

* Regulations for street sales and necessary papers: *

* Model 036 IAE (declaration of business or professional activity).

* If VAT exempted or not, heading for Food Truck 663.1 (the most used: retail trade outside an establishment, or also 647.1 or also 982.4. * Quarterly VAT declaration in force.

* Accounting up to date and in order.

* IRPF Personal Income Tax (for companies or freelancers) of income on individuals.

* Sanitary regulations:

Regulation 2004/852 CE Chap. 3 and 12 Annex 2

(Regulations on materials, utensils, objects intended for contact with food).

* Regulation decree 348 C 2000. (Hygiene, distribution and handling standard).

* Food handling card.


* Decree 199/2010 BOE City Council Ordinance regulating street sales.

* Garbage and recycling.

(Management according to Ecoteam plan)

* Storage according to regulations.


Keep in mind:

All regulations in force in Aragon are available on the internet.

Here you can find some examples: + + PROVISIONS + O + PERSONAL + O + AGREEMENTS + O + JUSTICE + O + ADS

Remember that it is your responsibility to inform yourself and be in order with the laws and regulations.

(The sale of any beverage will not be allowed. or the distribution of bags, glasses, plates, cutlery… plastic).

It is essential to use ecological cleaning products, dishwashing soaps, etc.


Own spirit will carry out activities and campaigns that it deems necessary for the dynamization and promotion of the stands, although we suggest all participants to make their own promotion among their contacts, to optimize the operation.

The organization is not responsible for any legal problem or irregularities, or for any problem in reference to the sale of food and / or customer service, the person responsible for the stand is responsible for any civil or legal liability.

Own spirit only takes care of having the space installed with light, and a water loading point to supply the stands and one for the drains.

(Camping and parking service available)

(WATER available at the location IS NOT SUITABLE TO BE DISTRIBUTED FOR SELLING PURPOSES, it still does not have a drinkable certification, but IT IS suitable for cleaning utensils and personnel).