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Volunteers post festival – old

Thank you for wanting to be part of the teardown team. Your work is vital to guarantee a happy ending to this experience that is the Own Spirit Festival.

You must take into account the harsh working conditions that occur during this phase due to the high temperatures of the summer season, the conditioning of the natural environment in which we find ourselves and the physical demands of the activities that take place during disassembly. It is important to prepare yourself physically and psychologically (sun protection, hat to cover your head, rest, eat well, stay hydrated, etc.).

But above all, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the calm of an incomparable natural environment, experiencing first-hand how Own Spirit returns to its original state, wild, calm and full of the energy created by the Own Spirit community days ago.
In this section we explain the conditions, requirements and procedures to apply as a volunteer or volunteer in the subsequent disassembly phase of the festival.

Read all the information carefully and fill out the form at the bottom of the page!

In case of doubt, contact us via e-mail:


ATTENTION! The disassembly is done in 5 days and therefore it will be necessary to complete the days of volunteering with two more days before the festival begins. If you cannot do those two days, contact the organization to find an alternative collaboration.
The request can be made through the web form that you have at the bottom of the page.

Once you have sent the form to participate as a volunteer, you will receive an automatic response confirming that we have received your request. From here, you will have to wait for us to contact you.

In the confirmation email you will receive the steps to follow to formalize your participation. The entrance fee for volunteers is €135, which you must pay as we indicate in the email.

In case of having obtained the ticket in any of the phases or through a promotion, it will be accepted as a valid ticket and the refund will be made based on the amount paid in that case. You must send us said entry in order to formalize your participation.

If you do not pay the amount before August 20, new requests will be accepted and you will lose the right to reserve. The places are occupied by order of payment.

Once your participation has been formalized, the person responsible for the area in which you will work will contact you to let you know how your volunteering will work, which will take place once the festival ends.

If you complete the assigned tasks and shifts, you will be fully refunded the price of the ticket paid in the coming weeks at the end of your volunteering.

We want you to understand that, by confirming your participation, we are counting on you in planning the work and we hope you take your commitment seriously. In case of not being able to fulfill it for any reason, notify us as soon as possible so that we can reorganize.


The main tasks will be the realization of breakfast, lunch and dinner for all the staff of workers and artists who participate on the days of the event. To do this, you will have to prepare and cook the food (under the command of a professional manager), keep the kitchen and warehouse clean and organized, receive suppliers and organize the products that arrive.

– Profile volunteer: With experience in the kitchen, dedicated, proactive and with initiative, preferably speaking more than two languages.

– Volunteer shifts: 24 hours in total divided into 4 or 3 shifts depending on the case.

– Availability: From 5 (8 am) to September 11 (included) 2023.



Carry out the repairs and arrangements of needs that may arise during the festival, help in the loading and unloading of material for different areas of the event.

– Profile volunteer: Knowledge in all branches of repairs in general (plumbing, construction, carpentry, electricity, etc).

– Volunteer shifts: 24 hours in total divided into 4 or 3 shifts depending on the case.

– Availability: from 5 (8 am) to September 11 (included) 2023.



– Covid-19 security measures: compliance with all security measures established by health and government authorities will be mandatory. When this is not fulfilled, the volunteer agreement may be terminated and could be a reason for the loss of the refund, in case of having previously purchased a ticket.

– Cancellation due to Covid-19 or force majeure: in case of cancellation of the event due to the pandemic or any other situation external to the organization, the volunteer agreement will be canceled. If a ticket has been previously purchased, it will be valid for the next edition, either to participate as a volunteer or attend as a public (depending on the type of ticket you have). You can also request a refund of the amount during the two weeks after the official cancellation, which will be refundable from one month after said cancellation. This will be applicable only if previously you have been officially accepted as a volunteer, so it is not worth just having sent the application.

– Availability: You will be able to enjoy the entire festival to the fullest. It is essential that you have availability to stay from July 20th to 25th, although disassembly may be done in less time. But since the collaboration commitment is 7 days, it will be necessary to complete the volunteer days with two more days before the festival starts. In case of not being able to do those two days, contact the organization to find an alternative of colaboration.

– Ticket to the festival: To obtain the ticket to the festival, you will have to pay within the established deadlines, an amount of € 110. You can also provide proof of purchase of a ticket for any phase. Once the payment receipt has been sent, the ticket will be sent to you.

– Refund of the ticket fee: To receive the refund of the ticket fee, you must have completed at least 7 work days after the festival. It will be done by bank transfer, within one month from the end of volunteering.

– Meals: If you complete the assigned tasks during the 7 days, you will have three meals a day. You will only receive meals during work days, therefore, you must provide your meals during the festival celebration.

– Accommodation: you must bring your own camping equipment (tent, bag, van, caravan…) throughout your stay.

– Transportation: Transportation is paid by the volunteer and you must arrive by your own means. For the return, the organization can take you to Alfarras, a nearby town with daily connections to Lleida except Sundays. Each volunteer must pay for their transportation.

– Volunteer work: During the festival you must go to the information point (Infopoint) to sign the contract as a volunteer. There will be a responsible person in charge of informing you of your tasks and work schedules, as well as the general functioning during those days. If you cannot do any of the shifts, you must inform them. If you need something or have any suggestions, you can also contact this person.

Pets: under no circumstances may you attend the volunteer or the festival with pets, this will immediately terminate the volunteer agreement and will be grounds for loss of reimbursement. Only duly certified guide dogs or emotional support animals may access the site (including the camping area).

– Loss of the right to refund: The ticket will not be refunded, in the following cases:

  • Lack of punctuality in the assigned tasks.
  • Not showing up for assigned tasks.
  • Not reaching the minimum of 7 work days.
  • Present yourself under the influence of any drug that may prevent you from doing your homework correctly.
  • Bad behavior or violent attitude towards colleagues or any other member of the organization.
  • Bringing any pet to the festival

If you have any questions, email to:


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