Volunteers | Own Spirit Festival



Own Spirit festival is growing year after year, thanks to the enthusiasm and commitment of everybody involved.

As every edition, we need your help to create the special energy to make everything happen.

We are looking for a big team of reliable and skilled people to enrich the festival with their creativity, enthusiasm and dedication.

Volunteers are an integral and essential part of the festival.

You are called to give shape to the festival itself, to create that safe, positive environment and that atmosphere of community we are very proud of.

If you want to co-create with us this unique experience,

if you want to gain behind-the-scene knowledge and hands-on experience about the festival,

if you want to meet new friends and share abilities,

if you want to live the Own Spirit experience from an insider perspective and be actively part of it,

choose the kind of Job you think will fit you best and apply to work with us!


Build up Own Spirit

If you want to help us to make this unique experience, click here.

Run up the Festival

If you want to help during the festival, click here.

Post Own Spirit

If you want to help us to dismantle the festival, click here.