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We experience ourselves at other levels of our consciousness, the everyday becomes extraordinary. A new door opens in us.

This 1 hour and a half long experiential workshop is intense and direct. After the first theoretical part of my vision of death as a concept, it will be much easier for you to live the experience, through the dynamics and rhythms of the shamanic drum you will be transported to places of your unconscious never known before, the gates of disincarnation. It will connect you with your deep unconscious connected with the whole, where apart from experiencing one of your most existential fears, the feeling of death, you will be able to connect with that spiritual plane that awaits you after your current incarnation, as well as connect with those familiar beings or acquaintances who are already “on the other side”

Why wait for the death? You can already know how you are preparing for your own trip, it is in you. I’ll wait for you to make your trip easier, back and forth.