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Friday- Sunday | 48h gathering

1 stage

camping area

bar - food trucks

August 19th-21st, 2022 | Ownland

Teaser Party Universo Paralello

From the Own spirit team we want to offer you the possibility of experiencing the magic of Universo Paralello, one of the most emblematic festivals in the world within the psytrance scene, through the first presentation party in Spain.

This event will take place next to the Santa Ana Reservoir in Baldellou (Aragón), in our paradise called Ownland.

The capacity of the event is limited!

From August 19 to 21, 2022

Aragon | España


If you want to be an active part of this unique experience, choose the area in which you think you fit best and fill out the form to be part of us!

¡We greatly appreciate your interest and look forward to having you as part of our team!!


The team of volunteers of  Universo Paralello Teaser Party is essential within the human resources gear that brings this event to life.


From the Own Spirit team, we want to invite you to participate in the Universo Paralello Teaser Party event through your Market project. Your contribution is fundamental since together we all created this event.


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Entry prohibited to minors

Minors will not be able to access the event. In case of acquisition of the ticket by a person who is not of legal age, they will not be entitled to a refund of the amount.

Return policy

In the event that the person holding the ticket cannot attend for any reason, the refund of the amount is not allowed. The festival offers a free change of ownership service if the person who cannot attend gives their ticket to another person. In this case, an email should be written to

In case of cancellation of the event due to force majeure or for reasons beyond the control of the organization, the ticket will not be refundable and will be valid for the event once the new date is scheduled.

No pets allowed

People accompanied by pets or companion animals will not be allowed to enter any area or zone of the festival, including the camping area. They will only be able to access in the cases that they are officially certified as emotional support animals or guide dogs.

Need for an accompanying person

Those people in need of a companion must duly accredit it by means of the official certificate of disability. This person will be able to request a free ticket for their support companion by writing an email to as soon as possible, and at the latest one week before the festival starts.


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- Teaser Party Universo Paralello -

videos highlights from Universo Paralello festival

2017 - 2018

After Movie Universo paralello

Here is the official Aftermovie of the Parallel Universe 2017/2018 festival. It was a beautiful days full of love, music and arts, we hope you enjoyed it and have fun watching the movie.


Doc Universo paralello

Paralello lives also matter

Universo Paralello

Lunatica Live

 Lunatica’s full video

from his set at Universo Paralello 20 Years edition (2019-20)


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Festival Date:
4 – 9 September 2024

Festival Location:
Baldellou, Spain

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