Resale tickets available for Own Spirit 2021 edition


As you know, the edition of Own Spirit Festival 2020 had to be postponed until 2021, so those who could not attend were given the opportunity to resale their tickets through our website.

It is an opportunity for those who want to buy a ticket at a lower price until they are sold out. Keep in mind that the price of the regular ticket goes up with every phase change.

The dates of the next edition are from July 14 to 19, 2021. 

Resale tickets are subject to the same sales conditions as regular tickets.

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What happens if I got my ticket for 2020 OSF edition?


Tickets purchased for the 2020 edition are automatically valid for the 2021 edition, you do not have to carry out any formalities.

The deadline for submitting the resale form and using our platform to find a buyer has closed. You can resell your ticket on your own and request a free name change at

We also offer the possibility of donating your ticket to help us cover the costs of planting trees that provide shade, to reforest the land and reduce the CO2 footprint, drinking water for all attendees and the construction of dry toilets to supply the whole festival.