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The body as an instrument

Children’s workshop on body awareness, sound and music. Create a dynamic space for musical creation using the body.

To do this we will use the disciplines of yoga, music and vibration therapy. The common thread will be the creation of a song as a group:

We will learn the qualities of music as a universal, ritualistic and unifying language. We will work on its qualities: vibration, sound, rhythm and melody. We will present the body as a musical and creative instrument.

The structure of the workshop:

1. Presentation of the project and the facilitators. Presentation round with a song.

2. Yoga-based game dynamics to become aware of breathing and sound vibration in the body.

3. Introducing the rhythm with body percussion exercises, which will form the rhythmic basis of our song.

4. Once the rhythmic base is integrated, we will introduce the melodic part of our song.

5. We will interpret the song in a group uniting rhythm and melody, with the movement of our body. Being able to experience the instrument that we are in a fun way.

6. We will finish with a meditation, a sound bath (10 ‘) to relax and connect with the earth.