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The Temazcal obeys a Sacred Geometry that is performed by planting and tying the Willow sticks (or any flexible branch), thus marking the Universe and its Forces in image, when this Geometry is activated during a Ceremony, these Forces “shelter” not only to those who are participating but to all our relationships. Some of the benefits of a temazcal, when exposed in front of the volcanic stones that emit infrared rays and are very important and beneficial in the temazcal, is an alternative treatment of pain, very useful in the suffering of rheumatoid arthritis, rehabilitation of joints affected by this disease, provides great help to people suffering from sciatica, rheumatism and in all conditions where it is required to increase blood flow, reduces joint stiffness and pain, improves overall circulation and reduces stress.

Some of the benefits provided by the temazcal:

  • Relieves premenstrual discomfort.
  • Helps to lose weight
  • Helps eliminate toxins
  • Benefits blood circulation
  • Purifies the digestive system
  • Deatrophie the muscles
  • Reduces bone problems
  • Filters the respiratory tract
  • Encourages introspection and reflection
  • Reduces liver disorders
  • Reduces the size of ovarian cysts
  • Relaxes the nervous system, reducing stress and anguish
  • Resolves menstrual irregularity problems
  • Tones the skin

The heating to which the body is subjected during the temazcal, reaches high temperatures producing a series of reactions, among them: stimulates the superficial and deep circulation of the blood, accelerates the frequency of the heartbeat increasing its strength, also generates the action of the mechanisms of thermal regulation and activates the metabolism. It is an effective method to stimulate all internal organs, since sweating in large quantities, we discard accumulated toxins, it is said that helps in treatments for obesity being a very effective aid for the loss of body fat, stimulates basal metabolism simulating physical activity as if you were exercising. It significantly improves the functioning of the skin and kidneys, as it stimulates the elimination of toxic substances by opening and activating the pores of the skin. These are just some of the benefits, I hope it is helpful and invite you to feel the call to live together this sacred ceremony. Until the fire!