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Experiential journey through Tantra and Bioenergetics.

Expand the vision of sexuality with life. From the recognition of how I relate to that part of me. We invite you to listen to all your parts. Understanding that sexuality is creativity, pleasure, curiosity, it is opening myself to enjoy what surrounds me, it is the vital energy that drives me to move day by day.

How do you live it, encapsulated in the sexual organs or expansive in the body and in the universe?

If you don’t allow yourself sexual energy, you are cutting off vital energy.

And if you do allow it… where do you move from?

Come and we take a new turn of the spiral together️!!!

We will travel through the bodily experience, we open ourselves to let the cells soak in new sexual memories. Music will accompany the tantric and bioenergetic journey guided by Emilio Galan and Laia Matas.