SUSTAINABILITY | Own Spirit Festival




Own Spirit Festival believes that integration with nature is essential to fulfill the cathartic experience and awareness that the festival proposes . We are totally committed to respect the environment in all phases of the festival's development. We are very grateful to have such a beautiful land. We are aware of the impact of the event on the environment, so we want zero-contamination, to repeat the experience during many years.Our policy in relation to the environment is Leave No Trace, for this reason, we ask for your commitment and to all the participants, in generating the minimum possible waste, to keep the precious place that welcomes us as less contaminated as possible.To apply this policy, we did and we are carrying out different actions.




Calculation of carbon footprint


In the 2018 edition, we have carried out a sustainable action plan calculating all the carbon emissions generated with the intention of compensating them through the planting of trees. The result of these emissions has been of 6.48 t of CO2 and we will compensate them by planting in the area native trees fertilized with the own compost that was generated during the last edition of the festival.


Waste management

The ideal residue is the one that is not generated. At Own Spirit Festival we have created a waste sorting system to minimize them:


 Yellow: containers, cans (crushed), plastics, bricks (do not put single-use disposable plastics).

 Blue: CLEAN paper (without food).

 Green: glass, if possible try not to enter the festival with any glass.

 Black: leftovers, if possible not generate this type of waste.

 Organic: all the organic waste from the festival will be composted and will be used to plant trees and fertilize the festival land.


Reusable glasses

We are aware that one of the most serious problems for the planet, particularly for the oceans and seas, is single-use plastic. In order not to generate this type of waste, we offer reusable cups.


Sustainable infrastructures

Dry baths, showers and a raft to filter the gray water from the showers have been built with much Love!. Here we invite all the participants to use biodegradable cleaning products (shampoo, shower gel, creams, detergent, etc.) that do not harm the territory.


Educational action

We commit ourselves to involve all the participants of the festival, not only the organization and the volunteers, but all the participants, through an informative and educational action that will be explained through talks and we will give you the necessary tools in order to fulfill the sustainability plan.

Our intention is that those who participate in Own Spirit Festival return home more aware of the impact that we have on the environment and the planet.


In addition, we want to extend this plan also to the inhabitants of the area and surrounding areas by organizing educational days of tree planting in schools.



The team called EcoTeam is responsible for all the sustainability of the festival in each edition:


• Waste management

• Help in the cleaning of camping pitches every morning

• Management of dry and chemical baths

• Sustainable infrastructure and cleaning/hygienic products