Star camp conditions | Own Spirit Festival

Star camp conditions

  • It is important to respect the rest of all the people who are in the Star Camp

  • Entry is limited. Only people who have contracted Star Camp service can access the site

  • You cannot eat, drink or smoke inside the tent to prevent it from damage

  • Cooking is not allowed on the premises since by law there is a prohibition to fire during the summer months

  • The tent must be returned in the same condition as it was delivered. Otherwise the deposit won’t be refunded. In case the damages exceed the total amount of the deposit, the difference necessary to pay for the damage will be requested to you.

  • In case there is any damage in any tent, the person who has given the information for the rental of the service will be responsible.

  • To ensure the refund of the deposit, you have to go to the Infopoint and check out with someone from the team so that they can check and make sure that everything is in perfect condition.

  • The refund of the deposit will be issued after the festival and via bank transfer.