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Monkey products

In the next edition of Own Spirit Festival we will have the honor of having the special collaboration of our sponsor Monkey Soil, who with his help and the effort of all of us will make this project grow stronger year after year.

Thank you for believing in us.


Monkey Soil are ecological substrates, of first quality and at an adjusted price for the cultivation of marijuana and cannabis.

Monkey Soil Substrates are an exclusive Sativa World product of which we are especially proud. It is a project that comes from afar and we take time to prepare and that at last we can introduce you.

It is a range of specific substrates for the cultivation of marijuana and cannabis, of very good quality and at a very interesting price. We offer you Monkey Soil in three different options: Coco, Light Mix Pro and Light Mix Evolution.




This year we are pleased to introduce you to PERFECT WATER by Teconologías Saludables. A new sponsor that will help us to keep making our dream become true: Own Spirit Festival.

Thank you for trusting us and welcome to Own Spirit family!


H2 Life is a revolutionary portable system capable of generate water rich in dissolved hydrogen, powerful like never before, until 3700 ppb, becoming an essential tool for our health.

The molecular hydrogen is a totally harmless gas capable of counteract, in a very powerful way, the cell damage triggered by oxidative stress caused by our lifestyle.

When taken it dissolved in water, become an habit that boost your health everyday making a difference.




The Natural Event bathrooms are dry: they do not need water or sewer connection. After use, a cup of sawdust is poured into the toilet that acts as a filter and absorbs odors. The waste is transformed into compost, an ecological fertilizer that does not require further treatment and can substitute synthetic fertilizers. Also, the Natural Event bathrooms are beautiful. You can choose doors painted by various artists or customize them to the taste of the event.

Founded in 2002 in Australia, Natural Event is an active company worldwide. As of 2008, it operates in the United Kingdom and Europe from its base in Somerset (England), providing consulting and sanitation and composting services for domestic and commercial installations, outdoor events, construction sites, military zones, temporary settlements and areas with limited or absent sanitation and sewerage structures.