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The closest city is Lleida, which is perfectly connected to Barcelona by more than fifty daily trains and buses.

By air, the nearest and best-connected airport is Barcelona-El Prat Airport, which has a wide range of flights from all over the world.

In addition, the Festival will provide several buses to and from the festival, from Barcelona (city and airport) and Lleida.

From Own Spirit Festival we want to promote transport use as sustainable as possible. For this reason, we also offer a Car Sharing web platform to facilitate connections between people who has free spaces in their private vehicles and people without transportation who need a ride to the festival, who are in the same location.

See you at Own Spirit Festival 2019!




OWN SHUTTLE (Lleida and Barcelona)

Do you like to get off the plane and be welcomed with open arms?

Do you want to travel with Own Spirit to the Festival?

If you want to get to the festival and travel with the best atmosphere we offer you the Own Bus. You can go straight to the festival from Barcelona or Lleida.


  • From/to Barcelona (city and airport): 30 € (per person/per trip)
  • From/to Lleida: 15 € (per person/per trip)

Before the purchase please consult the conditions of the service:

  • You must be at the meeting point at least 15 minutes before the departure time. If it is the departure time and the person does not show up at the meeting point the organization is not responsible and the money will not be returned nor will a seat be guaranteed on another bus.
  • Departure and arrival points are subject to change. In this case the buyers will be informed through the e-mail that was provided when making the purchase.
  • In the case that one of the buses does not have enough demand, the organization may cancel the trip or change the departure time and an alternative scheduled will be offered, or the total amount of the ticket will be returned after some days after the cancellation.
  • Travel money will not be refunded in case of cancellation of the ticket by the buyer. A change of the holder of the ticket can be made by writing an e-mail to with the following information: the data of the first holder and name of the new one and the copy of the ID/DNI of the first holder (to demonstrate its conformity).
  • The sale of tickets will be through the web. At the moment there is no guarantee that there will be a physical point of ticket sales before or during the festival.

Let the Own Spirit adventure begin!

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The location of the festival is a very special place and therefore access by public transport is not the most appropriate. However, it can be easier for you to travel to Lleida by public transportation and to the festival with one of the other options we offer you: Own Bus or through our CarSharing Platform.

  • Train to/from Lleida. In the Renfe website you can check if there are direct trains from your location. There are also around 40 daily trains that go from Barcelona to Lleida. The trip duration varies between 1 and 3 hours and the price between 9 and 35 euros. Depending on the type of train, promos, and the sooner you buy the train tickets.
  • Bus to/from Lleida. Alsa offers about 20 buses a day to go from Barcelona to Lleida (or vice versa). The price is from 21 euros and on thier page you will find all the schedules. The trip is 2 or 3 hours depending on the stops you make and the bus you take.




Embalse de Santa Ana

8 minutes from Baldellou, 22571  Huesca


From Baldellou:

Head southeast on "Calle Arriba" toward "Calle Medio"

Turn right onto "Calle Abajo”    

Turn right to carry on "Calle Abajo"

Go straight for 3,7 km to get to Embalse de Santa Ana

GPS Coordinates:  41.903976, 0.585690



For people who have some space to travel on their vehicle and want to share their ride or the opposite people who want to find someone to take them to Own Spirit festival, we are creating a Car-sharing platform that allows you to get in touch with each other.

At this moment the platform is under construction. We appreciate your patience, it will be available as soon as possible.