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A little about Shiatsu:
Shiatsu is a therapeutic massage of Japanese origin. It restores the energy flow of the Chi that circulates through the meridian network of the body. It is applied through contact with kneading, gentle hand pressure, rocking, stretching and mobilization. Strengthens the immune system, improves blood circulation, balances energy imbalances in internal organs, relieves stress, tension, insomnia, migraine, menstrual pain, anxiety states and depression. It balances body posture and opens channels for the expression of those emotions that may be repressed in the body, therefore increasing physical and mental performance and improving the vitality and well-being of the body and mind.

A little about my Shiatsu sessions:
In my individual Shiatsu sessions I establish a real contact relationship with the person in front of me; with you. The way I play changes the therapeutic process. It does not have to do with a learned technique but with Listening and Presence; with being truly present to you. Listen to what is in the moment and go in favor of what is happening, without trying to make it something else, without trying to change anything or impose a mechanical and pre-established form of massage. I hear what you come with. And what is your body asking for? And give it to him.

I listen to myself first. What resonates with me when I look at you? What resonates in me of your conflict, of your difficulty? Then I listen to you. How do you get What are you coming with? What emotion or need are you needing to express? In that space we will go together towards a state of care and support so that what needs to be expressed can do so. Without judgments and without pressures, without the effort of having to do, have to say or have to be in a demanded way.