At Own Spirit Festival we care about your well-being. That is why we believe it is important to offer services that guarantee the enjoyment of this transformative experience.

Restaurants, bars & teashops

The festival offers restaurants, tea shops and bars. It also completes its food offer through carefully selected foodtrucks. 

From our establishments we apply ethical criteria when offering food and drinks. Therefore, we offer a varied diet for diverse needs such as vegetarian and vegan options, superfoods, energy and nutritious dishes, and we bet on producers of 0 KM, which we are gradually increasing. In addition, we have a policy of not consuming products of certain brands known for their lack of environmental and human ethics, and  national production is prioritized as well.

We also establish a control on energy expenditure and waste management, we use recyclable cups and compostable dishes, and we use ecofriendly cleaning products (they do not contain chemicals or are harmful to the environment).


Own Spirit Festival always has its sights set on the sustainability of the event and the protection of the spectacular land that surround us. Therefore, we carefully select our collaborators, ensuring that they respect the minimum criteria that allow us to work towards a festival with minimal impact.

In this sense, food trucks must offer a healthy diet with natural products and incorporating our eco-sustainable vision. That is, they have to be own-made foods, not packaged and using 0 KM products, fresh and seasonal.

In addition, we keep track of the energy expenditure of each truck, as well as the management of waste.


In the Own Spirit Festival Market different and original products are exhibited, mostly handmade, with their own style and design and directly from the hand of their creators. Collections of alternative clothing, jewelry, accessories and organic products are some examples that will further enrich your Own Spirit experience.

We hope you enjoy the shops we select for this event, committed to small merchants but great artists.

The Market is the only area of the festival that does not accept payment with Cashless system, and therefore, it will have to be done with cash or card, depending on the availability of the each shop.



 The entrance to the festival includes access and use of the camping area: a large area enabled for camping, with all the essential minimum comfort and safety services in a spectacular setting.

There will be a team of people who will guide you to find a place to park. To avoid problems with obstruction of the paths it is preferable not to remove the vehicle until the end of the festival.

The spaces are delimited. Each area can be occupied by several tents. To improve the comfort of the public, wooden sticks have been installed between the spaces to facilitate the creation of shadows. We advise to bring sunshades, fabrics or canvases.

Access with food and beverages is allowed in the camping area. Inside the festival you cannot enter with alcoholic beverages, glass or cans.

There are water points throughout the festival, including the camping area. It cannot be guaranteed that the water is potable at the time the event takes place. The event will not be responsible for the possible damages derived from ingesting this water.
There are toilets and showers scattered around the different terraces. This year the construction of dry toilets will be increased with bioconstruction techniques. Dry toilets are used to create compost.
It is necessary to respect the rest of the people who are camping, so it is forbidden to use generators or sound systems.


It is also prohibited by law to make fire due to the risk that increases during the summer caused by high temperatures and dry vegetation. Therefore the use of cooking devices with gas is not allowed.



There is a reserved area for families to camp. It is close to the entrance of the enclosure. 

The idea is to be able to enjoy a family environment that favors relationships between children in a safe and trustworthy environment. In order to create a space large enough for all families, It is important to report on how many minors you will come with at the time of buying your ticket (it is asked in the purchase process). 

The area is opened to the general public, so the passage is not limited to anyone.


In case you need special conditions when camping at the festival, please contact us so we can consider the possibility to meet your needs.



Own Spirit Festival: a safe place to enjoy with your family

The festival is a safe place for children as long as they are accompanied by an adult. At the entrance they will be given a bracelet with a code that will allow us to contact the family in case of loss. Despite being an event for a diverse audience that includes a festive atmosphere, we are committed to offer healthy family spaces where you can enjoy a wide range of workshops and activities for all ages.

Family camping area

There is a reserved area for families to camp. It is close to the entrance of the enclosure. The idea is to be able to enjoy a family environment that favors relationships between children in a safe and trustworthy environment. In order to create a space large enough for all families, it is important to report on how many minors you will come with at the time of buying your ticket (it is asked in the purchase process). The area is opened to the general public, so the passage is not limited to anyone.

Conscient Family: Own Spirit's family space

At Own Spirit Festival we have an area dedicated exclusively to children and their families.


The Conscient Family is designed to
accompany the cognitive, psychomotor and spiritual development of children. Our goal is that they can create, share and learn through
experimentation. It is also a place to share natural and respectful
parenting concerns. We believe that they are our present and future
light, and that the link they establish with their referents and the
environment will be the basis for opening themselves to the world in a
conscious way.

The programming of children’s shows is diverse and includes clowns, storytelling, and circus, among others. We also offer Art-therapy and dance workshops, educational workshops based on our values of sustainability and ecology, such as recycling or bioconstruction; and yoga workshops, juggling and circus for the whole family. In addition to other activities such as face painting.

This space within the Holistic Zone includes a playground, a tent with family activities, a space intended for breastfeeding, rest areas with shade for the whole family and water points to play and cool off. In addition to children’s and family programming, there is a space to experiment through the manipulation of natural materials, musical instruments and a reading area.


From the Own Spirit team we work to create an accessible and inclusive festival for everyone. 

The festival is in a natural setting and sometimes the land can be an obstacle, but we try to have ramps and accesses adapted for different needs. In special cases, access to vehicles will be facilitated in order to move between the different areas and enjoy everything that the festival offers. 

We have accessible showers and toilets in different areas of the festival. 

We want to continue growing and improving, so we would love to hear what your needs are.


The Infopoint is a space where you can approach in case you need information. If you have a doubt, suggestion, or if you need help with any aspect of the festival, do not hesitate to stop by. We are always willing to help you. 

We also offer other services:


This is where you should go if you want an official Own Spirit 2020 T-shirt.


If you lose something before you give it up for lost, ask if we've found it. A lot of things end up around here.


The infopoint shares space with the team in charge of attending to all the people who make this event possible thanks to their volunteer work.

Beyond being a simple information point, it is a place to go to chat, meet the tribe, and enjoy a great atmosphere at the gates of the enclosure. It is undoubtedly one of the most welcoming areas of the festival.


The official payment system of the festival is a Cashless system.

It allows you to pay through a chip in the festival access wristband. Absolutely everything will be paid with this system, except the Market. The products purchased at the Market shops will be subject to the payment methods that each stop has individually marked, either cash or card.

To recharge the bracelet with money, it can be done in cash or by card at a single charging point located next to the restaurants in the heart square. The refund policy for the amount not spent on the wristbands will be published later


For Own Spirit Festival, being responsible in community taking care of ourselves and taking care of each other are indispensable values. Only then we create healthy and sustainable societies over time, based on cooperation.

In the festival we have a safe and welcoming space for people who go through difficult psychological experiences that can occur throughout a transformative festival such as Own Spirit Festival. A team of well-prepared volunteers will be in charge of receiving those who need it, from love and not from judgement, to accompany them towards their well-being. They will find support and compassionate listening whatever their experience, to redirect and integrate these experiences. It is essential to have a safe environment by immersing yourself in an exploration of consciousness and your own limits to ensure that the result is a positive experience.

This is an option for all the people who are at the festival regardless of their status. You don’t have to feel bad to go to the PsyCare and have a glass of fresh water, rest and share a moment. You can also attend if you have experienced any difficulties in relation to consent or because of gender or sexuality issues. We want the festival to be trance-genre! It is also the place to go in case someone feels violated by a theme of beliefs, spirituality or any other reasons. In the face of any difficulty, anyone is welcome… even if you come from another planet!


The festival has a security team to ensure the proper functioning of the event. In addition, there is a health team available to assistants in case of emergency. However, most situations of insecurity and discomfort can be prevented.

Here are a series of recommendations:


Drink water. We recommend you to bring drinking water. There are also bottles available for sale in the bars of the festival.

Wash your hands

Especially after using the restroom and before eating. This simple gesture can prevent food poisoning or the spread of bacteria among people who are at the festival. There are hand sanitizer gel dispensers in various parts of the festival, like next to the toilets.

Watch your belongings

Robberies are not frequent but they are possible. Confusions or involuntary losses also occur. We have a "lost & found", so in case of loss, do not forget to check if we have it. The festival is not responsible for losses or thefts, nor if a theft occurs in your tent. We advise never to leave valuable items.

Beware of the sun

Avoid the sun during the strongest hours (from 12 pm to 4 pm) and protect your head with a hat or a handkerchief. Put on sunscreen and protect yourself in the shadows. We recommend you to bring sunshades for the camping area.

Cool off in the lake

To spend the hardest hours of heat, it is best to cool off in the lake. The water is ideal and there are shady areas to rest.


If you detect a situation of violence, harassment or coercion, ask the person if she or he needs help. In case of emergency, notify someone of the security team or the organization.

Respect your rest

Tiredness, along with high temperatures, can affect your health. Try to rest several hours a day. Keep in mind that during sunny hours, it is more difficult to fall asleep due to high temperatures.

Find out about responsible consumption

It is essential to avoid situations of physical and emotional distress. We have at your disposal a responsible consumption service where they can explain everything you need about the effects of drugs and the most appropriate consumption. You can also attend PsyCare if you are going through a difficult time or if you need to rest in a quiet place.

Eat healthy

A bad diet accompanied by sleep disturbances and high temperatures can cause you a bad play. That's why we recommend you to eat healthy and light, especially during the day, as well as juices and foods that help you stay hydrated.

ask for help

If you are not well, ask for help. There are several services at your disposal such as the medical team or the PsyCare.

Be nice

Sometimes we can have confrontations with some people because of a comment out of place or a misunderstanding. Keep in mind that we never know what the other person is going through and a small comment can trigger a bigger conflict. Be empathetic and understanding and try to kindly explain what bothered you.