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The festival offers the public restaurants, teapots and bars. It also completes its catering offer through carefully selected food trucks.

In our establishments we apply ethical criteria when offering food and beverages.

For them, we offer a varied diet for different needs such as vegetarian and vegan options, superfoods, energetic and nutritious dishes, and we are committed to Km 0 producers, which we are gradually increasing.

In addition, we have policies of not consuming products of certain brands known for their lack of environmental and human ethics, and we prioritize national production.

We also control energy consumption and waste management, we use recyclable cups and compostable plates, and our cleaning products are eco-friendly (they do not contain chemicals or products that are harmful to the environment).

In the OWN SPIRIT FESTIVAL market, different original products are exhibited, mostly handmade, with their own style and design and directly from the hands of their creators. Collections of alternative clothing, costume jewelry, jewelry, accessories, organic products, are some examples that will further enrich your OWN SPIRIT experience.

We hope you enjoy the selection of stalls we have made for this land committed to small traders but great artists.

The market is the only area of the festival that does not support cashless payment system, and therefore, it will have to be done with cash or card, depending on the availability of the stalls.

The official payment system of the festival will be the cashless payment system. This system allows all payments to be made through a chip incorporated into the wristband access to the festival.

Everything except the Market and Therapy Space, will be paid by this system. The products purchased at the Market and Therapy Space stops, will be subject to the rules of payment that each stop individually has marked, either cash or card.

To recharge the bracelet with money, it can be done in cash or by card at a single recharge point located next to the restaurants in the heart of the square.

Have you had an unforeseen event and can no longer attend the Own Spirit festival? Don't worry! We have teamed up with TICKETSWAP to offer you a secure and easy platform to sell your ticket.

We don't want you to miss out on the excitement of the festival, so you can sell your ticket to someone who is eager to experience the magic of Own Spirit Festival - we can't wait to see you at the next edition!

For Own Spirit Festival, being responsible as a community for taking care of ourselves and each other are indispensable values. Only in this way can we create healthy and sustainable societies based on cooperation.

At the festival we have a safe and welcoming space for people going through difficult psychological experiences that may occur during a transformative festival, such as Own Spirit Festival.

They will find support and compassionate listening, whatever their experience, to redirect and integrate these experiences. It is essential to have a safe environment when immersing oneself in an exploration of consciousness and one’s own limits, to ensure that the result is a positive experience. This is an option for everyone at the festival regardless of their condition. You don’t have to feel bad to go to PsyCare and have a cool glass of water, rest and share a moment.

You can also attend if you have experienced any difficulties related to consent, gender or sexuality issues.

We want the festival to be trance-gender! It is also the place to go in case someone feels violated by an issue of beliefs, spirituality or coexistence.

In case of any difficulty, anyone is welcome… even if they are from another planet!