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Privacy Policy


1. The purchase of a ticket for OWN SPIRIT FESTIVAL will constitute unconditional acceptance to be bound by any and all terms and conditions of this agreement (the “Agreement”) between the purchaser and/or holder of the bracelet (“Ticket”) to attend all or part of OWN SPIRIT FESTIVAL, the “Event”.

2. For security reasons the Organization reserves the right, without notice or compensation to You:

  • Postpone, cancel, interrupt or stop the event.
  • Provisionally keep the visitors of the festival in the site of the event at the end of the festival.
  • Totally or partially vacate the event site.
  • Deny access to the event site, regardless of possession of a valid ticket.

Such changes do not entitle to a refund, change of ticket, or any other reduction in the ticket price.

In case of cancellation or rescheduling of the event due to the health situation of COVID-19, the ticket cannot be refunded and will be automatically valid for the event once it has been rescheduled.

3. You acknowledge and understand that the user has a revocable license to attend the event for which it was issued, which is subject to revocation and denial of admission without compensation for any reason, including but not limited to your violation of any of the rules set forth herein, the policy or the regulations and for any other action taken by you in violation of any local or state law or which may endanger other ticket purchasers.

4. By participating in the event, you voluntarily assume all risks and dangers related to the event whether occurring before, during or after the event, including death, personal injury, loss or damage to property under your responsibility. For that reason, the Organization recommends that you do not bring valuables to the event.


5. In order to enter the event, you must have your own valid ticket. It will only be valid on the day(s) of the event and the areas of the event.

6. There is no change for lost, stolen, destroyed or damaged tickets and you unconditionally accept the risk of loss and/or theft of this Ticket.

7. You must present your ticket for ticket validation at the Event.

You must carry the official identity document that allows to validate that your identity matches the name and identity number that appears in your ticket. Otherwise, you may be prevented from entering the venue without any right to reimbursement or compensation.

8. You must have an approved form of identification to enter the event that proves your age. Failure to provide valid identification will prevent you from entering the event and you will not be entitled to any refund and the organization will not be responsible for any other damages, including but not limited to incidental and / or consequential damages. Additionally, you must be able to provide valid identification if requested by a member of security. If you are unable to show valid identification, you may be immediately expelled from the event without the opportunity to return to camp, and you will not receive a refund of your ticket.

Minors wishing to access the event must be accompanied by an adult (their guardian or legal representative) and must be registered upon arrival or previously through an online form (as decided by the organization prior web communication or RRSS). Minors under 16 years old (not included), will be able to access the event free of charge after notification through the established channels (access point or web form, as agreed by the organization).

9. Access to the event is prohibited or denied to persons who:

  • Are clearly under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other illegal substances.
  • Access has been prohibited to the festival previously imposed by the organization, administration or legal authorities.
  • Are showing an intention to disturb the peace or cause someone else to do so
  • Engage in fights or disruptive behavior
  • Use of desrespectful language.
  • Resist review by festival security agents and security services.
  • Refuse to declare or hide prohibited objects, which are established in this document.
  • Act in violation of the provisions of one or more articles of these internal regulations or in the spirit thereof.

10. Please note that security guards may inspect all objects that are intended to be brought into the event location, including but not limited to clothing, suitcases and other personal items in order to detect objects that can be used to disrupt the course of the event, endangering the safety of others or disturbing the peace. The security guards reserve the right to confiscate these items at their sole discretion. Given the volume of attendees, these items are not guaranteed to be returned. For that reason, please read article 3 carefully.


11. It is absolutely forbidden to enter the festival site with animals and pets, including dogs. Presenting yourself at the access point accompanied by animals or pets will be sufficient reason to deny access to the event to the person accompanied by the animal without the right to reimbursement of the ticket or any type of compensation. In case of hiding the animal and accessing the enclosure, the organization is not responsible for incidents and damages related to the animal, which will be solely the responsibility of the owner or person in charge. The person accompanied by the animal can be expelled from the event at any time.

The only exception to access the event with an animal or pet will be having an official document that proves that it is a guide dog or emotional support animal. Without an official accreditation, access to the venue will not be allowed. The persons responsible for the access point will determine if it is a valid document, and the prohibition of access to the event for this or any other reason will not imply the right to reimbursement or compensation of any kind.

You may not bring or have others on your behalf bring the following items to the event

  • Illegal drugs, paraphernalia or medications for which the person does not have a prescription and which can be shared with others
    People who require medication for medical reasons (e.g., diabetes) must have a prescription with their name clearly indicated.
  • Projectiles or explosives in solid, liquid or gaseous state.
  • Flammable products or materials and aerosols.
  • Pyrotechnic articles of any kind (e.g. flares, bottle rockets)
  • Any weapon or dangerous, knives, sharp objects or bruises object that could be used in such a way (sticks, chains, puncture or push weapons and similar).
  • Flammable products, materials, sprays.
  • Fire material other than matches and lighters.
  • Any item that can be used as a means to disturb the peace, endanger the safety of people and/or cause damage to people and property at the sole discretion of the event staff.


12. At all times, compliance with the security measures related to Covid-19 established by the health and government authorities will be mandatory. Failure to respect these rules may be grounds for expulsion from the event without the possibility of reimbursement or compensation.

13. In the event, it is forbidden:

  • Attempting to enter or be in the sections restricted to certain people such as production rooms, artists’ backstages, VIP areas, press rooms, offices, dressing rooms, work areas, etc
  • setting-up Tents, constructions, fences, enclosures, lighting columns, tables, benches or any other infrastructure in areas not established for such within the event.
  • Obstructing entrances, exits and evacuation routes and/or to stay in these places longer than strictly necessary to enter or leave the site.
  • Displaying or creating text, symbols, images, gestures, use clothing or articles of clothing with language, or use language that is obscene, racist, xenophobic, provocative, or discriminatory, at the sole discretion of the test personnel or security personnel.
  • Being clearly under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other illegal substances.
  • Disturbing the peace, show intent to disturb the peace or cause someone else to do so, or endanger the safety of the general public.
  • Saling of drinks, food or any other product without the express consent of the Organization.
  • Throwing or shooting with any object or liquid, or throwing or shooting any other product in loose or gaseous form.
  • Carrying out fire in the whole enclosure.
  • Urinating in public.
  • Re-entering the event after being expelled or banned from the event, even if you are in possession of a new Ticket (such Ticket will not be returned);
  • Defacing, painting, damaging, tearing down or destroying, in whole or in part, any of the decorations or part of the venue.
  • Offering resistance to management or security personnel.
  • Refusing to declare and hide objects considered dangerous or out of bounds by the event security personnel – the security personnel are not obliged to return such confiscated objects.
  • Acting of violation of the provisions of the articles or the spirit of the articles.

You should pay attention to the instructions of the organizers and security personnel at all times while at the event site. If you do not comply with such directions, you will be removed from the event site, and, if necessary, event personnel may call the police for assistance.


14. It is possible to leave and re-enter the Event if you have an OWN SPIRIT FESTIVAL access wristband.

15. If you are expelled from the event, your ticket will not be returned and you may be denied re-entry, even if you are in possession of a new ticket.


16. Anyone caught for forging tickets or wristbands will be expelled without exception, and brought to the attention of the police authorities. The use of counterfeit tickets will not be reimbursed by the organization of the event.

17. Anyone caught tampering with or trying to share their ticket/ticket or wristband will be expelled and banned from the event immediately.

18. Tickets/tickets can only be sold at the partner company Ticketswap, being the only company that manages this (this does not apply to special tickets issued for volunteers and other modalities, which ARE NOT TRANSFERABLE, except for justified reason of major cause (Illness, accidents, etc.) Tickets/tickets that have not been managed by Ticketswap will not be accepted and are not subject to refund.

19. Resale, attempted resale, or purchase of this ticket/ticket at a higher price than the official purchase price from the authorized agent is grounds for forfeiture and cancellation without compensation.

20. In the event that you are unable to attend the event, by purchasing the ticket/entry you agree that no refund of the total or partial ticket/entry fee will be made by the organization, regardless of the reason why you are unable to attend.


21. By attending the event, you expressly consent to the fact that you may be photographed and filmed and that these images may be recorded, stored, transmitted, and broadcast. Such film, photograph, audio and/or audiovisual recording may be used for promotional and/or commercial purposes by the Company or a third party.

22. All recordings made by ticket buyers at or near the event site may not be used for commercial or public purposes, unless consented to by the Organization.


23. The Organization does not assume any responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles parked at or near the event. The Company is not responsible for loss or damage to any vehicle towed from the event site.


24. You agree to release and hold harmless the Organization of the event from any liability related to your medical care.

25. You acknowledge and accept that there are dangers and risks of physical injury or illness and that not all risks can be totally eliminated. By entering the event site, you voluntarily agree to assume all risk of death, personal injury or property damage, regardless of severity, that may be suffered as a result of attending the event or on the premises, whether or not caused by the negligence or gross negligence of the organizers or their agents.


26. You unconditionally agree that the terms and conditions contained in this document and/or referred to herein represent the entire agreement between you and the Ticket issuer with respect to its subject matter, and supersede all prior and contemporaneous agreements, communications and understandings, written or oral, on this subject matter, which contradict these terms, including but not limited to the text contained on the reverse side of the actual Ticket and/or any understanding or agreement between you and the Company to the contrary.

27. You unconditionally agree to be bound by any and all terms and conditions contained herein and/or referred to herein and all supplements, changes and/or modifications thereto.


28. The event will take place regardless of the weather, as long as the organizer can respond to the weather circumstances. In case of danger to physical integrity or health, the event may be cancelled or – after its start – interrupted.

29. If the festival has to be terminated after its start due to force majeure (in particular due to weather), by order of the authorities or court ruling, the festival attendee will not be entitled to a refund of the ticket price or compensation for damages, unless the organizer has acted in a grossly negligent or intentional manner.

30. The organizer reserves the right to postpone the event, both in terms of place and day, as long as the realization of the festival is considered unfeasible or impossible and the new date and/or place is feasible for the attendees.

  • Change of location: within the same city or the nearest city.
  • Temporary postponement: the next day, or while the circumstances that have caused such postponement (especially time) last, next Saturday, as long as the venue where the festival is held is still available.

31. The organizer will immediately inform about the postponement of the festival through its website and if possible also through press, radio and Facebook. In case of extraordinary expenses, we recommend that you always check the website of the organizer.

32. If there are delays in the programme, the attendee must agree, as long as they do not exceed one hour.

33. In the festivals there can be changes in the program. The organizer will do everything possible, in case the performance of a particular artist is cancelled, to find a suitable substitute. The attendee has no rights in case of cancellation of the performance by individual artists.

34. The organiser will be informed of any changes as soon as possible.


35. We inform that due to high volumes, there is a danger of health risks, in particular hearing damage, at the festival. The use of earplugs is recommended during the event. Attendance is at the attendee’s own risk. The organizer will not be liable for hearing damage caused by lack of precaution, provided that the organizer has not acted in a grossly negligent or intentional manner or without due care.


36. The regulations of the organizer or the persons authorized by the organizer will prevail throughout the festival site. The instructions of the security personnel must be obeyed at all times.

37. The organizer will not offer cloakroom service or other kind of instructions and therefore will not be responsible for lost or stolen objects.

38. The user who registers to the event authorizes the organizer to include him/her in its mailing lists to receive information related to the Festival.


39. The Organization is not responsible for any personal or material
incidents that may occur during the bus journey that may be made by

40. It is forbidden to smoke on board the bus in accordance with the law.

41. The bus company will have its own regulations and responsibility for the passengers.

The ticket holder must be at the meeting point at least 15 minutes before departure time. In case of not showing up at the agreed time at the meeting point, the organization will not be responsible and the money won’t be refunded or a seat on another bus will not be guaranteed.

The bus may experience delays in arrival at intermediate stations, and departure and arrival points are subject to change. In this case, buyers will be informed via the email provided when making the purchase to report possible variations in this regard, as long as it is a significant difference.

In the event that any of the buses does not have enough demand, the organization may cancel the route or change the departure time and an alternative time will be offered, or the total amount of the ticket will be refunded during the days following the cancellation. The travel money will not be refunded in the event of cancellation of the ticket by the buyer.

A change of ticket holder may be made by emailing to with the following information: the data of the first holder and those of the new holder and a copy of the ID of the first holder (to prove their accordance). The sale of tickets will be on the web and will close a few days before the festival starts. There is no guarantee that there will be another physical sale’s point before or during the festival.

In case of cancellation or rescheduling of the event due to the health situation of COVID-19, the bus ticket cannot be refunded and will be automatically valid for the next event once it has been rescheduled. At the same time, all the safety regulations established by government authorities or the event organization itself must be respected. In case of refusing to comply with it, the passenger may be denied access and there will be no right to reimbursement or compensation of any kind.

Animals or pets are not allowed to get on the bus, nor is their access to any area of the festival, including the camping area. If you try to access the vehicle with an animal or pet, you will be denied access. The only exceptions are duly certified guide dogs.

The bus company may establish other rules independently of the event organization that guarantee the rights and safety of all passengers. In case of not respecting these rules, the passenger may be denied access and there will be no right to reimbursement or compensation of any kind.


In case you need an accompanying person because you do not have autonomy in the development of basic activities and enjoyment of the event, you can request a free ticket to the organization. You must seek your companion since the festival does not have the capacity to offer this service.

For this, their degree and type of disability must be duly accredited through the official disability certificate, and by making the request through as soon as possible, and at the latest one week before the festival starts.

The organization reserves the right to assess whether it is a justified case. If it is considered that such accompaniment is not justified, the accompanying person may be denied free entry and there is no right to refund by the person with a disability who has acquired their ticket.

You must bring the official disability certificate to the event and show it at the access point, in addition to sending it by mail to receive the ticket. In case of not possessing said certificate or if the organization doubts its veracity, access to the accompanying person may be denied, or their expulsion once they have accessed the festival.

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The platform fee will not be reimbursed, but you will receive 2 drinks (beer or water, whether you complete your shifts or not).
You will only have access to the reimbursement of your volunteer ticket if you complete the full 24 HOURS of work which will be divided into 3 or 4 shifts depending on the area. We are not responsible, for any reason, if you do not complete the assigned shifts.


You will only have access to reimbursement of your volunteer ticket if you complete the full 7 DAYS of work which will be divided into 6-8 hours/shift. 2-3 days before the festival and 4-5 days after. We are not responsible, for any reason, if you do not complete the assigned shifts.


Therefore we recommend:

  • Be aware of weather conditions and predictions and bring the basics to cover your needs.
  • Eat and drink enough water.
  • Get adequate sleep.

If something happens outside of the festival and you are unable to complete your work, it is not our responsibility either, you will not be able to receive a refund.
There are no PARTIAL refunds, you can only receive 100% of your refund and only if you complete 100% of the work.


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