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Performance Experience

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Intensive workshop of scenic creation with its own dramaturgy. This experience leads the audience to become the performer within the framework of the festival and through an experimental work of the author. The number of participants is very limited and the first fifteenth, in order of arrival, will be accepted.

This experience is free and no prior experience is needed.

If you want to participate, read below and if you still want... more info soon ! 

Information and goals:

We will work on autobiographical material, personal experiences and intimate concerns. Each morning there will be a group of psycho-physical training, followed by individual sessions of research and stage creation. Each participant creates their own individual performance that she/he will experience in various situations. To conclude the experience, we will create a collective performance with the individual material of each participant. The work is theoretical, practical and experiential. We will create the bridge between the personal and the universal, interlacing with delicacy and respect the individual proposals of each one, connecting with the deepest desires, with our dreams and longings. It offers a deep process where personal and artistic development meet and complements. Each participant will find the content, the form and the meaning of their own piece and determine their own scenic language. The collective creation will be a celebration of this process, sharing the joy of living and creating with the public.

The group of participants is limited (15 maximum). The selection will be made according to the order of inscriptions.

...Creating the bridge between the personal and the universal, from intimate interrogation to scenic creation, shaping our dreams, telling the secrets, expressing the desires of the soul, discovering our own scenic language, transforming, healing, expressing, communicating, offering, being at the service, being... because we all have a story to tell and that deserves to be heard...


The Paula method of ring muscles (sphincters), dynamic meditations, psycho-physical exercises, Michael Chéjov's acting technique, improvisations with themes and structures, creative writing, research and stage creation based on the practice and professional experience of María Stoyanova.

Way of working:

From the moment of registration, each participant comes in direct contact with María Stoyanova by email and she/he will receive several tasks and work proposals. In this way, we will be prepared for the experiential work in which this material will be translated into scenic actions. The commitment and perseverance of each participant is very important.

The work plan for the workshop during the festival is:

Creative training (group work):

Friday 13/07; Saturday 14/07; Sunday 15/07; Monday 16/07 from 9:00 am to 10:30 am, and Monday 16/07 from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm.

Individual creation sessions:

Friday 13/07; Saturday 14/07; Sunday 15/07 at 11:00 am, 1:00 pm, 3:00 pm, 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm (individual meeting with María Stoyanova and a participant. The schedules will be assigned according to order of inscriptions)

Rehearsal for the collective performance:

Monday 16/07 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm

Presentation of the collective performance:

Monday 16/07 at night (time to be determined)


María Stoyanova (Atelier Escènic), Barcelona

About María Stoyanova

Multidisciplinary scenic creator of Bulgarian origin. She has been living in Barcelona for 25 years. Her professional experience began in 2003 with the premiere of her first solo show "Gypsy in Barcelona" for which she received the 2004 FAD Sebastià Gasch Award for the Arts. From then on, she combines her facet as an actress, performer and creator with the scenic investigation. Experiencing and deepening the relationship with time, with space and with members of the audience, interested in the honest and sincere links that are created between the interpreter and the public. She creates her own solo productions: "Madama(s) Butterfly(s)", "Sade was myself", "Landscapes of Chekhov", "The Last Show" among others. She collaborates and works for artists or companies such as Cantabile2 (Denmark), Teater Baest (Denmark), Jillian Greenhalgh (Aberystwyth, Wales), Eva I. Balzer (Berlin, Germany). She teaches classes and workshops at Atelier Escènic and also directs creations by other artists.