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Own Spirit Festival’s team of volunteers is an essential part of the human resources that give life to this project. Therefore, we are looking for a great team of responsible and qualified people who want to participate and enrich the festival with their creativity, enthusiasm, and dedication.
we invite you to shape the festival, create a safe and positive environment, and contribute to the community and family atmosphere that we are so proud of.

If you would like to be an active part of this unique experience, if you would like to know the festival from the inside, if you would like to meet new friends and share experiences, choose the area where you think you fit best and fill in the form to work with us! thank you very much for your interest and we hope you will be part of our team.

Here you can find the forms to participate as an artist or workshop leader in own spirit festival 2023.

Both the Market and the Foodtrucks areas are an added value of Own Spirit Festival and must respect and share the vision and values of our event. We invite you to send your proposal and tell us why your project fits with ours. If you have a stand of original and hand-made products, or a foodtruck of healthy food produced in a sustainable way, in this section you will find all the information about our collaboration conditions and how to apply.

If you have a project that promotes sustainability and shares our philosophy of zero impact and leave no trace, either through bio-construction, permaculture, or any other technique that provides a positive impact on the environment, send us your proposal.

We will be happy to open the doors of our house to those projects that share our vision and bring value in this sense to the natural space that sustains the festival.

If you are a photographer or videographer, and you are interested in capturing the essence of the great moments that will be experienced at own spirit festival 2023, you can send us your portfolio. if you are selected we will contact you.


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Festival Date:
4 – 9 September 2024

Festival Location:
Baldellou, Spain

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