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Own Spirit's LAND project is the vision and mission of a long-term project that expands beyond the 5 days of the festival.

The nature guides us in the way to continue improving, gathering new synergies that allow us to build our space.

The same place offers us the resources to build little by little the primary and necessary structures to live and host different initiatives, having the opportunities to apply different methods of bio-construction and permacultures.



We take all the details into account. The importance of respect and care of this precious and virgin place where we moved last year (2018) has put the urgency of an environmental education of impact to stop climate change that motivates us to make Own Spirit a sustainable festival, making a landscape and sustainability plan that we will apply and enhance year after year.

One of our goals for this year 2019, is to build a totally new concept of shared spaces where the energies of those who believe  ̶ like us ̶ that another world is possible, where different techniques of bio-construction and permaculture can be applied, and where creativity is manifested in land-art works and gardens for the creation of different areas of recreation and social exchange.

For this year, we present a WORKSHOP program (from 1 day to 5 days) of learning, awareness and approach to different techniques of Bioconstruction, Permaculture and Gardening aimed at both children and adults.

With this approach we want to promote our landscaping and sustainability plan, and we'll are super excited to enlarge our Landmark Own Spirit family.


Other goal, is to expand our 'Green' Own Spirit, enriching the possibility of expanding our networks.

We get in touch with you with the spirit of finding advice, support and resources to give continuity to this challenging project and to see our space emerge, and especially we'd like that everyone feels part and parcel of this project.

•• This project, moreover, have the potential to host in its own space other ideas and proposals during the rest of the year in line with the sustainability and development of the area. Therefore, we invite you to contact us for any interest or proposal: land@ownspiritfestival.org ••




Each workshop proposed is thought for the realization of specific and multifunctional spaces of the Own Spirit project, trying to approximate the world of bioconstruction to the concept of shared spaces of a visionary, sustainable and holistic festival through the divulgation and learning of natural building techniques and/or applying permaculture methods.


3 days • Taller de bioconstrucción de horno de leña > 24-26 May

5 days • Taller de bioconstrucción geodésica > 1-5 July

5 days • Taller de bioconstrucción fibras vegetales > 5-9 July





Interest in greenery and botanic world, permaculture, garden design, land-art, bio-construction methods (plant fibers, soil, adobe, etc.)


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