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I invite you to take a journey through the holistic of music. Listening from different places, hear the sound from different dimensions, and feel how the body vibrates at different frequencies. Because everything that exists vibrates. Sound alters the structure of matter. Music brings order to chaos. Earth sounds like “sun” and Tibetan singing bowls sound like the rings of Saturn. It is no wonder that all primordial cultures associate sound with creation. It is no coincidence that Eskimo songs resemble Bedouin songs. That an instrument from 40,000 years ago is combined with modern technologies for healing, or that Amazonian medicine songs follow the same emotional arc as psychedelic experiences. For there are societies without writing, but none without music. Let us listen together instruments that express the spiritual roots of ancient people. They bring us to the present, dissolve our ego and are a sacred vehicle to unconscious realms. Come and discover what Bach’s music has to do with Escher’s stairs, or why sound structures resemble body tissues and flower shapes. What phantom sounds are, or why jazz awakens more areas of the brain than any other music.

Did you know that the decibels in the womb are just as loud as at a rock concert, or that music oxygenates the heart, and that its beat was in fact the standard measure of musical time until a few centuries ago? How can music not be therapy, if, in Chinese, the word “medicine” comes from the word music? How does resonance work to heal us? have you ever heard a duduk, a sarod or a n’goni? The sound of the cosmos and nature, spiritual origins and ancient instruments, tribe, trance and psychedelia, psychoacoustics, dreams and consciousness, live music, surprising listening and vibrational experience: handpan, gong, kora, Tibetan bowls, mantras, etc.

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent” (Victor Hugo).