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Munay Ki Rite

The healing of the uterus by the Munay Ki Rite is a Sacred Shamanic Initiation for the healing of the female ancestral lineage and the release of memories stored in our uterus.

It is a female Ancestral Healing Ceremony received from Amazonian medicine and transmitted through a ritual where our Being and our body are informed that our uterus is not a place to keep fear or pain but that the uterus is a place to create, enjoy and give light to life.

In this uterus healing therapy by the Munay Ki rite, an energetic cleansing of the uterus is performed combining this ritual with the use of minerals for feminine health and incense from master plants.

Throughout the session we will heal ascending and descendant generations of the female ancestral lineage, we will perform a karmic sexual cleansing and we will transform unconscious beliefs from our oldest memory, eliminating any trace of pain to make way for joy and love towards us.

This wisdom is transmitted from uterus to uterus invoking the lineage of women and our ancestors to connect with the sacred feminine energy from the deepest, obtaining benefits on a physical, mental, energetic and emotional level.

The healing of the uterus by the Munay Ki rite helps to:

– Unlock ancient memories of our ancient female lineage.
– Heal emotional experiences stored in the womb.
– Clean energy information from our partners and former sexual partners.
– Connect with the sacred feminine energy that inhabits us.
– Reduce and calm menstrual pain.
– Renew energy to connect with enjoyment, pleasure and creativity.
– Become aware of the cyclical power of women.
– Enhance sexual creative energy.

This uterine healing can receive women of all ages including pregnant women, women who had a hysterectomy, and girls who started their periods. Men can also receive it and they will heal what they lived when they were in their mother’s womb.