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Joy, heart and touch will be the opening of a gathering space where touch and massage will be the protagonists.

The meeting will always begin with tantric dynamics to create a respectful, safe and loving environment in which we can surrender to the joy of living.

Beautiful dynamics that will help us to amplify the inner listening of each one of us and refine our subtle perception also outwardly, to relate to others from the honesty, gentleness, respect and self-care.

In this space of safety and group connection, we will open a massage jam based on the yoga of touch, the touch from the real presence, creating with our individual and collective presence a loving prayer.

During the massage jam, some will stretch to receive, and will be accompanied through the touch-massage, by the presence of several people.

There will be space for everyone to massage and be massaged.

It is not necessary to have previous experience offering massage. Yes, it is necessary, the desire to put at the service of your being with the pulse of Life and open yourself to the great mystery of the Encounter.

Desire to play and experiment together.