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Market Own Spirit 2021 conditions

Market Universo Paralello Teaser Party 2022 conditions

  1. Participation selection and formalization process

The deadline for submitting applications for Market stalls will be until August 15th, 2022.

Be sure to fill in all the fields well before submitting your request, otherwise, it can be discarded. Applications will be assessed as they arrive and their selection will depend on our assessment based on the following criteria: originality, diversity, sustainability, uniqueness, style, artisanal manufacturing and sales possibilities.

Once the stall has been selected to be part of the Universo Paralello Teaser Party, all requested documentation must be submitted and payment made before August 17th. If you have not done all the paperwork before that date, you lose the marketplace that will pass to the next person on the waiting list.

  1. Documentation necessary to participate

Important: make sure you have all the documentation before making the request for the stall at the event.

The documentation to present is as follows:

  • Photocopy of the ID-DNI of the holder and the workers of the stall.
  • Copy of the last receipt of the paid autonomous fee.
  • Copy and / or payment receipt of the Civil Liability Insurance.
  • Receipt of the payment or transfer receipt of the stall and the ticket(s) of the worker(s).

* If you are from a foreign country and do not understand well what documents you have to submit, contact us.

  1. Prices of stalls and tickets for the workers

This year the price of the stall will be 30 EUR per frontal linear meter and a ticket will be included for every 3 meters contracted.

It offers the possibility of acquiring an extra ticket per stall at a reduced price of 55 EUR per person. In case there are more workers per stall, they must acquire the ticket at the regular price at which it is at the time of purchase.

So that:

  • Stall under 3 meters: do not have any ticket included, but you can get 1 ticket for 55 EUR
  • Stall from 3 to 6 meters: 1 ticket included + option of 1 ticket at 55 EUR.
  • Stall of 6 meters and less than 9 meters: 2 tickets included + option of 1 ticket at 55 EUR.
  • Stall of 9 meters and less than 12 meters: 3 tickets included + option of 1 ticket at 55 EUR.

The longest side of the stall is taken as a reference either from the front or from the depth.

  1. Assembly and opening hours, stall conditions and breaches of contract

When formalizing the request, the commitment is assumed to keep the stall open at least from 10 am to 2 pm and from 5 pm to 11 pm for the entire duration of the event (with the exception of July 19th and July 21st, the schedule will be confirmed later). The maximum hours are voluntary. It will also be necessary to respect the time limits of assembly and disassembly that will be specified in the contract that the owner signs with the festival prior to the celebration of the same.

The dimensions of the front of the stall will depend on the needs of the vendor of the stall. Not exceeding in any case 6 meters in deep, including the stall and the vehicle, the back room or the tent.

It is very important to take care of the aesthetics of the visible parts of the stall including the back part that in some cases can be seen from other areas of the event. So you have to take into account the following issues:

The vehicle may not exceed the height of the stall.

If any side of the stall is visible to the public, it must be adequately covered.

In case you do not want to leave the vehicle next to the stall, or you cannot meet the conditions we ask here, there will be a camping area near the Market with priority for the vendors of the stalls.

If you need to connect to the festival’s electricity network, keep in mind that the maximum consumption will be from 2 Kw to 220 V (the equivalent of 17 energy-saving lamps).

The festival provides the connections where to plug in but does not provide cable, light bulbs, tents, decoration… that the users must bring themselves.

Changes may be made to the application (modification of the dimensions of the stall, technical requirements, etc.) up to 5 days before the start of the festival. No changes in the sale of products are allowed. As for the aesthetics of the stall, only under prior agreement with the organization and always within the established period. No last-minute changes can be made once at the festival.

In case of not being able to attend the festival, the total amount will be returned in case of force majeure (death or serious illness in the first person or first-degree relative, or other situations to be assessed by the organization) up to 15 days before the start of the festival. And for other reasons, 50% of the total will be returned up to 30 days before the start of the festival. In case of not showing up at the festival and without prior notice in advance, the amount paid will not be refunded.

In case of leaving once the festival has started and before the end of the festival, or the agreed schedules for opening the stall are not respected, the amount will not be refunded and will be penalized for future editions of the festival, except for major causes (to be assessed by the organization).

  1. Forms of collection allowed and economic management of the Market

The stalls will not have cashless (payment with bracelet) so it will be done in cash or by card according to the criteria of each vendor responsible for each stall.

  1. Sustainability and waste management

It is forbidden to use plastic bags for the sale of products. Sustainability is one of the festival’s priorities and therefore alternative solutions (such as paper bags or recycled cloth) must be found.

There will be different recycling containers available and it is mandatory to respect them throughout the event.

  1. Basic coexistence agreements

The attitude of the people working at the stalls is part of the experience of the event, so they ask for kindness and respect towards the public, other vendors and towards the organization. This means zero fights, screams or violence of any kind. Sound systems, drug abuse or loud music won’t be allowed.


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