Market Conditions | Own Spirit Festival

Market Conditions


1. Process of selection and formalization of participation

The deadline for submitting applications for Market stands will be until May 31, 2019. Applications will be assessed according to their arrival and their selection will depend on our assessment based on the following criteria: originality, diversity, sustainability, uniqueness, style, craftsmanship and possibilities of sale.

Once the stand has been selected to be part of the Festival Own Spirit 2019, all the requested documentation must be presented and the payment made, before June 24th.

In case that, you have not done all the paperwork before that date, you will lose the place in the market that will be assigned to the next person on the waiting list.


2. Documentation needed to participate

Important: make sure that you have this documentation before making the request for the stand at the festival.

The required documentation* is:

  • Photocopy of the ID/DNI of the owner and the stand workers
  • Copy of the last receipt of the self-employed fee paid
  • Copy and/or receipt of payment of the Civil Liability Insurance
  • Receipt of the payment or receipt of the transfer for the stand and the ticket(s) of the worker(s)

* If you are from a foreign country and you do not understand what documents we ask for, please contact us.


3. Prices of the stands and tickets of the stand’s owners

This year we have implemented a system of early-payment for those who know for sure that they want to be part of the Own Spirit Market. For those people who have completed the procedure (payment + documentation) before February 15, will be governed by the following prices:

  • Stands of less than 3 m*: 100€ + ticket**
  • Stands from 3 to 5 m*: 120€ + ticket**
  • Stands of more than 5 m*: 140€ + ticket**

For those who complete the procedure from February 16, the prices will be:

  • Stands of less than 3 m*: 120€  + ticket**
  • Stands from 3 to 5 m*: 140€  + ticket**
  • Stands of more than 5 m*: 160€  + ticket**

* It is taken as reference, the longest side of the stand, either frontal or depth.

** In addition to the amount for the stand both the owner and the workers must purchase their ticket. It offers the possibility of acquiring the ticket at a reduced price of 90€  per person (up to a maximum of two workers per stand, including the owner). In the case that there are more than two workers per stand, from the third on, they must acquire the regular entry at the price found at the time of purchase.


4. Assembly and opening hours, conditions of stands and breaches of contract

When the application is formalized, you assume the commitment to maintain the stand opened at least from 10 am to 10 pm throughout the duration of the festival (with the exception of July 24 and July 29, which will be confirmed later). The maximum number of hours is voluntary. It will also be necessary to respect the time limitations of assembly and disassembly that will be specified in the contract that the stand’s owner signs with the festival prior to the celebration of the same.

The dimensions of the front of the stand will depend on the needs of the owner’s stand. Not surpassing in any case the 6 meters of depth, including the stand and the vehicle, the back room or the tent.

It is very important to take care of the aesthetics of the visible parts of the stands, including the back part that in some cases can be seen from other areas of the festival. Therefore, the following issues must be taken into account:

The vehicle can not exceed the height of the stand.

In case that one of the sides of the stand is visible to the public it should be adequately covered.

In case you do not want to leave the vehicle next to the stand, or can not meet the conditions that we ask here, there will be a camping area near the market of priority for the stand’s owners.

If you need to connect to the electric network of the festival, keep in mind that the maximum consumption will be from 2 Kw to 220 V (the equivalent of 17 low consumption lamps).

Changes can be made in the application (modification of the dimensions of the stand, technical requirements, etc.) up to 30 days before the start of the festival. No changes are allowed in the products that you sell. As for the aesthetics of the stand, changes can be made only under prior agreement with the organization and always within the established deadline. Last minute changes cannot be made once at the festival.

In case of not being able to attend the festival the total amount will be refunded (stand + ticket) in case of a major force (death or serious illness in the first person or first degree relative, and other situations to be assessed by the organization) until 15 days before the start of the festival. And for other reasons, 50% of the total will be refunded up to 30 days before the start of the festival. In case of not showing up at the festival (stand or workers) without being notified sufficiently in advance, the amount paid will not be refunded.

In the case of leaving once the festival has started, before the end of it, or if the scheduled opening hours of the stand are not respected, the amount will not be refunded and will be penalized for future editions of the festival, except for major causes (to consider by the organization).


5. Allowed payment methods and economic management of the Market

At this time we do not have this information. We will update the payment conditions soon.

The organization reserves the right to choose the form of payment allowed, being able to restrict the use of cash and implement a cashless system (collection with bracelet).


6. Sustainability and waste management

It is forbidden to use plastic bags for the sale of products. Sustainability is one of the priorities of the festival's organization and therefore alternative solutions must be found (such as recycled paper or cloth bags).

There will be different recycling bins available and it is mandatory to respect them throughout the festival.


7. Basic coexistence agreements

The attitude of the people working at the stands is part of the festival experience, so we ask for kindness and respect towards the public, other vendors and the organization. This means not fighting, yelling or violence. It is also not allowed to have your own sound systems, drugs consumption or loud music.