Mama Own is a consecrated space in the festival. Every visitor finds a haven of relaxation and healing.
This corner invites meditation, offering an environment conducive to learning and connecting with the deepest part of oneself. Here, sharing is a fundamental practice where each participant joins in communion to explore spirituality and express gratitude. In this space, freedom is manifested through rituals that nurture the soul.
Each moment within Mama Own becomes a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the spiritual experience, cultivate gratitude and find a space where the search for truth and the connection to the transcendental are woven into a beautiful tapestry of authenticity and inner growth. For Hi-Res and Print Purchases - Instagram: @awtransform & @awfireflow 
2023 © Amir Weiss
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2023 © Amir Weiss
#Festivals - #Artists - #dj - #Communities - #DigitalNomad - #flowarts -  #visionaryArtists

Own Spirit

¡Grandes emociones e impresiones en nuestro inolvidable festival! No hay mejor momento que el tiempo compartido con buena música entre amigos.

2023-2024 Own Spirit Festival

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