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Locus Pocus Deco

Locus Pocus Deco is a decoration company specialized on textil and wooden structures for festivals.

Locus Pocus deco started as a young group of friends discovering the party scene in ibiza.
Around 2009 the first creations where made decorating psychedelic raves in the forest and clubs parties like ibiza vibestyle or wild winter.

In 2011 half of the team moved to Amsterdam trying to create more international possibilities and gain more experience. 
After 2 years working hard in the undergound scene and learning of many new experiences Locus Pocus decorated for a lot of different music genres in various countries around Europe. 
In 2013 the group finished their studies having more time to invest for the development of their designs, skills and profession. It was then when they started to decorate bigger festivals like Gaasper Pleasure, Wooferland ,Liquicity , Freqs of Nature , Solstice and Djurniverse all around Europe. 

Nowadays Locus Pocus are well experienced decorators in a search for constant growth and innovative ideas with all kind of materials.