We have found our home!
It is the Santa Ana Reservoir, 4 kms from Baldellou, 
province of Huesca (Aragon, Spain).

A very special land in an idyllic natural environment next to a deep blue reservoir. Here nature is still abundant and it is where our roots grow and where the Own Spirit Festival takes shape and merges with the surroundings.


The closest city is Lleida, which is perfectly connected to Barcelona by more than fifty daily trains and buses.

By air, the nearest and best-connected airport is Barcelona – El Prat Airport, which has a wide range of flights from all over the world.

In addition, the Festival will make available to the public several buses to/from the festival and Barcelona (city and airport).

From Lleida you can also get a taxi for an arranged price that has been previously agreed between the festival organization and the taxi company.

From Own Spirit Festival we want to promote a sustainable use of transport, so we also put at your disposal a Facebook group where you can contact people who offer or need a place to get to the festival.



If you want to get to the festival and travel with the best atmosphere, we offer you the Own Shuttle Bus.  You can go straight to the festival from Barcelona and airport.

Stops Information

Barcelona city:

PLAZA DE ESPAÑA (Barcelona) - The stop is next to the Venetian Towers.

Airport Barcelona - El Prat:

TERMINAL 2 AIRPORT (Barcelona) - In front of the terminal are the bus docks

Please, be aware that we only stop in Terminal 2, so you need to bear in mind the time it takes to conect between terminals if you arrive o leave from T1


Go to festival:
Go to festival and return to Barcelona:


From / to Barcelona (city):
4 hours
From / to Barcelona (Aeroport):
3 hours 15 minutes

For any question email us to [email protected]


The location of the festival is a very special place and therefore access by public transport is not the most appropriate. However, it can be easier for you to travel to Lleida by public transportation and to the festival with one of the other options we offer you: taxi with an arranged price, local bus to nearby villages or sharing a car through our Facebook Group.

In the Renfe website you can check if there are direct trains from your location.

There are also around 40 daily trains that go from Barcelona to Lleida.

The trip duration varies between 1 and 3 hours and the price between 9 and 35 euros.

Depending on the type of train, promos, and the sooner you buy the train tickets.

Visit Renfe page 

Alsa offers about 20 buses a day to go from Barcelona to Lleida (or vice versa).

The price is from 21 euros and on their page you will find all the schedules.

The trip is 2 or 3 hours depending on the stops you make and the bus you take. 

Visit Alsa page 

The cheapest way (but not the easiest one) to get from Lleida to the nearest town to Own Spirit Festival is by local bus. Baldellou is 4 km from the location of the event.

The information that appears on the website of the City Council is as follows:

Daily service between Baldellou and Lleida except on Sunday

– Departures from Baldellou: 7:00h

– Departures from Lleida: 13:00

The other option is to go to Alfarrás, whose bus frequency is much higher although it is 23 km away from the festival location. It also has no service on Sunday.

 HERE INFO BUS FROM Lleida/Alfarrás

From the organization of Own Spirit we have agreed a fixed price with the taxi company Teleradio Taxi Lleida to facilitate access to the festival. If you call the (0034) 973203050 or (0034) 973249090 and say that you are going to the Own Spirit Festival, you can request a taxi for 4 or 6 people for a fixed price of 70 euros each way Lleida (RENFE STATION)-Festival or Festival-Lleida (RENFE STATION)

Visit Taxi Lleida pagE 


The easiest way to arrive, is searching in Google Maps App “”Own Spirit Festival””. 

You will find the exact coordenates and all the way to the access point.

Embalse de Santa Ana

4 kms from Baldellou, 22571  Huesca

From Baldellou:

Head southeast on “”Calle Arriba”” toward “”Calle Medio””

Turn right onto “”Calle Abajo”    

Turn right to carry on “”Calle Abajo””

Go straight for 3,7 km to get to Embalse de Santa Ana


GPS Coordinates:  41.903976, 0.585690


For people who want to offer some spots to travel in their vehicle or to find someone to take them to Own Spirit festival, we have at your disposal a Facebook group that will make it easier for you to get in touch.



At Own Spirit Festival the climate is inland Mediterranean, this means that summers are very hot and there is a big temperature difference between day and night. Temperatures range between more than 30º during the day and 20º or less at night. Something you should keep in mind when preparing your backpack. Do not forget to bring something warmer for the nights.



It is a charming little town with just over 100 inhabitants. According to some historians, its name means ""Valley of the Wolves"". The population is documented for the first time in 1090. In the surroundings are the abandoned villages of Sant Peri, les Llenques, with the hermitage of San Isidro, Salgar and Penella, as well as the Romanesque hermitage of the Virgin of Vilavella. It is worth visiting the Cave of Salgà, the Dark Cave in the Font de la Vila, Peñaroya (important rocky promontory east of the city), the Congost - (notable gorge carved by the local current), La Volteria (the mountain in the north) and the Santa Anna reservoir. All these places are a climbing area for passionate people. The social space of the town, ""El Café"", offers interested people a folder with all the detailed information of the different itineraries created by groups of climbers who frequent the area.

Lagunas de Estaña

To the south of Montsec, in the municipality of Estaña, in Benabarre, there are the three Estaña lagoons, of great ecological interest. The lagoons are peculiar due to their karst modeling, which is not typical in this type of wetland. Lovers of the hike can get to know this place in depth through several itineraries that include visits to the nearby small towns.

Congosto de Montrebei

The Congosto of Mont-rebei is a gorge formed by the Noguera Ribagorçana River as it passes through the Sierra del Montsec, which crosses from north to south. It is located between the regions of La Ribagorza (Aragón) and Pallars Jussà (Catalonia) and can be reached from different points, although the most popular access is ""La Masieta”. A path carved into the rock allows you to travel throughout the canyon to the edge of the cliff and offers views like the ones you see in the photos. Since 1999, the Congost of Mont-rebei is protected and managed by the Fundació Catalunya - La Pedrera.

Climbing sectors of Castillonroy and Baldellou

To find out about ideal places to go climbing in the surroundings of these locations, you can visit the link by clicking on the picture.

Congosto of Ciscar

The route is signposted from the town of Tolva. It is 5 kms without much difficulty.


The old town of Montfalcó, now uninhabited except for Casa Batlle (rehabilitated and converted into a refuge), is the starting point of the ""Natural road from Montfalcó to the Congost de Mont-rebei"", a linear route of about 8,5 km long that runs through one of the most attractive areas of the Noguera Ribagorzana river valley, a natural border between Aragon and Catalonia. The first 600 m to the source of Montfalcó, coincide with a botanical walk that provides information about the flora and fauna of the place. The natural road continues its journey to the Tartera ravine, recovering the traditional path that served as access to the area's cultivated land, lost over time and the reforestation work done in the area in the 60s. Continue winding through the pine forest to reach the first walkway, anchored in the rock wall that you have to overcome, offering magnificent views to the walker. The design continues to ascend to a new rock wall of smaller size, which borders without difficulty to go to the foot of the second walkway on the rock. Once crossed, the Natural Way goes towards the Congost de Siegué, where a suspension bridge covers the 35 m that separate the two edges of the Canelles reservoir.

Congosto of Gabasa

A highly recommended excursion for all ages that does not require special physical conditions. There are numerous resting points and picnic area to rest. The route departs from Gabasa, a town located behind Peralta de la Sal, and can be accessed from the San Esteban road or from Azanuy. It can be done in two ways, crossing the town to reach the bridge and thus make half of the congosto, or taking the option of making the complete route.

Congosto of Baldellou

In this beautiful natural environment, there are vertical limestone with Quejigo and holm oak forests at the top, and pine forests at the bottom. Different raptors and scavengers can be seen flying over the congosto.