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Kat Lumen is the Dutch artist Kateleine van der Maas, resident in Madrid for twenty years. She composes, plays accordion, flute, piano and sings. She shares her longings, doubts, joys and most intimate dances in several languages. Her music resists to be labeled so her style is not easy to define, but it is undeniable that she manages to move her listeners with her songs and presence. Kat Lumen often collaborates with the versatile artist Kaos Play, who with his looper, beatbox, percussion, improvisation and creativity creates an original sound collage from the enveloping songs proposed by Kat. It is a fruitful encounter in which Kat Lumen’s melodies, which go straight to the soul, are transformed, enlarged and travel further, by Kaos Play’s talent to mix, create and record sounds live.