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Intuitive Oriental Healing

Heart Connection Intuitive Oriental Healing is a modern approach to well-being that builds on physical and energetic exchange between Giver and Receiver to foster the Homeostatic Process and help the body heal itself. Traditional methods have in common presence, touch, and working on the energetic pathways of the body.

Genuine intentions, combined with conscious touch, listening, and intuition, are powerful tools for therapeutic work;

While the awareness of the energetic pathways, and how energy can stagnate in the body causing imbalance, injuries or illness, is an important aspect of these healing practices. Restoring the natural flow of energy through physical actions such as muscles stretching, extensions, and soft tissue work is a practice used in both Traditional Shiatsu, and Traditional Thai Massage techniques.

With knowledge of body Anatomy, Shiatsu, Tantsu, Thai Yoga, Osteopathy applied to Thai Massage, and an approach that alternates harmonious movements similar to a dance with stillness and inner listening, I offer a personalised session that focus on the receiver needs and status on the day.