Info Covid Page

The 2020 edition of Own Spirit Festival has been postponed and the new dates have been confirmed for 14 to 19 July 2021.

Your current ticket will automatically be valid for the next edition, and you will not have to make any previous arrangements.

For those of you who cannot attend, we offer you two possibilities:

  • You can donate your ticket to cover the costs that have been incurred so far, and for improvements for the next edition such as: planting trees to
    provide shade, to reforest the land and reduce the CO2 footprint, drinking water for all attendees, and the construction of dry toilets to supply the
    entire festival.

  • You have the possibility of selling your ticket. Resale requests will be published on our website, as we manage your demands, so that others can buy them
    and get your money back. The amount will be paid once your ticket has been sold.