We welcome you to Holistic Zone

A unique space stands as the epicenter of emotions and enriching experiences.
Unity flourishes among its participants, weaving invisible bonds of connection, while love and joy permeate the environment with contagious energy.
Magic unfolds in every corner, where healing is manifested through bodily and artistic expressions, turning this space into a refuge of expression and authenticity. In this enclave, the notion of family expands, embracing everyone as part of a united community.
Gratitude and awareness intertwine, creating a collective harmony that elevates every moment. This corner of the festival stands as a living testimony of the human capacity to celebrate life with unity, love, joy, magic, healing, bodily expression, artistic expression, connection, gratitude, consciousness and harmony.

¡Grandes emociones e impresiones en nuestro inolvidable festival! No hay mejor momento que el tiempo compartido con buena música entre amigos.

2023-2024 Own Spirit Festival

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