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Heimya is the new electro acoustic project born from the collaboration between Sebastien Bosc, more popularly known as Gnaia, and Fabio Nahele, instrumentalist from the group Matibhrama. Their music mixes traditional, folkloric, electronic and occidental sounds accompanied by various instruments from around the world, all played live, such as guitars, flutes, turkish saz, vocals, etc.
In february of 2019, a first EP originating from their psychedelic World Trance project, “Ritmo Alegría”, is released on Oreades Production. It creates an energetic union of psychedelic trance rythms and world musics. In 2020 they are back with a second world electro project welcoming the deeply spellbinding voice of singer Bellule. As a result, their EP “Tropical Travel”, is brought to fruition with NBM Harmonic Rcds. This new musical opus gives us the fusion of latino, arab-andalusian and electronic music. The project incites dance and voyage, driven by a lower tempo and vibrant melodies. They are currently working on a brand new album that they plan to release in 2023. This new step in their musical journey is rooted in the Organic Deep House and Techno vein. You will be able to discover their spellbinding new live act in upcoming concerts and festivals this spring/summer.