From the soul of Own Spirit we want to invite you to be an active part of this project with your Foodtruck. That’s why we want you to participate in our criteria for selecting the restoration stands:

– Natural, healthy and Eco sustainable diet

– Homemade and unpackaged dishes

– Use of fresh, seasonal and 0 Km products

The Own Spirit festival team will monitor the energy expenditure that comes with each stand and the management of waste water and garbage so that our impact is as less negative as possible.

You will not be allowed to use plastic for food distribution, or dishwashing soaps or cleaning products that are not ecofriendly. Only products made with ecological components may be used.

The sale of any beverage will not be allowed.

If you think your project fits this profile, send us the form as detailed as possible before May 12th, the date on which the application period will end.

Check the conditions to make sure you meet all the requirements before submitting your request.

In case of doubt, contact us via e-mail: [email protected]

terms & conditions



The “ECO – FRIENDLY” concept is a essential part of our path, its meaning leads us to be respectful of our ideals following our path of healing and respect for ourselves and with the planet, being consistent and growing, starting by abandoning abusive consumption by rectifying bad and unhealthy customs, it is about being sustainable, coherent, consuming according to the natural limits of our Earth and learning to generate resources to absorb and compensate the waste we cause.


 To be “ECO – FRIENDLY”  is to seek and adopt an attitude that leads us to balance between the environment and the social and economic reality, which is reducing consumption, recycling, sustaining local producers, respecting seasonal crops, and learning to practice a use balanced and sustainable of the resources that the planet offers us.