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Food truck requirements

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NOT allowed to sell alcohol, or packaged soft drinks,

NO distribution of plastic bags, glasses, plates, and cutlery.

It is essential to use ecological cleaning products, dishwashing soaps, etc.

Own Spirit can put you in touch with green suppliers.

The attitude of the people working there is part of the experience of the festival, so we ask for kindness and respect towards the public and/or other vendors, as well as towards the organization. This means zero fights, screaming or violence of any kind.

It is not allowed to have your own sound system.



PRICES WITH NO TAXES (21% VAT will be added to the price of the stall)                             

  • STANDARD: 1000 €. Space of 4x4m2 and 4 kwh (maximum limit) per standard stall
  • BIG: 1500 €. Space of 5x5m2 and 6 kwh (maximum limit) large stall

The stall can be open throughout the festival, 24 hours a day, during the days of the festival: From July 12, 2018 (since the opening) Until July 17, 2018 (until the closing time of the festival)

When the application is formalized, you accept the commitment to maintain the stall active at least from 10 am to 10 pm during all days of the festival, with the exception of July 12 and 17, which will be linked to the opening and closing hours of the festival. Please, give us the weekly schedule of your stall.

In case of not being able to participate in the festival, you will be refunded, only until June 1st (and only in cases of force majeure, death, serious illness, accidents, or other cases, to be assessed by the organization).

In the case of absences without notice, the amount paid will NOT be refunded. Also, if the schedule established in advance is not respected, participation in future editions of the festival will be penalized.



Cashless system

An automated central cashier will have control of each payment of each stall. At the end of each day, each stall may collect their income by going to the Own Spirit office. (More information will be provided).

The price of your stall will include:

  • Two free tickets.
  • Two reduced tickets for workers per truck/stall (if previously communicated).
  • Supply of the agreed current in kwh.
  • A water collection point and another for emptying your tanks (the water supply will not reach the trucks directly).

The price of the truck/stall is for the 6 days of the festival.

You can arrive two days before (July 10) and stay one day later (July 18) only for assembly/disassembly, you cannot assemble or dismantle during the days of the festival, the food truck or stall will only remain open during the festival, neither before nor after.


  • Prior booking is essential, via form.
  • Own Spirit will confirm the reception and conformity of the reservation.
  • Sending the reservation request does not guarantee the participation.
  • The payment of the stall has to be made, at the latest, two weeks after the reservation; otherwise your request will be dismissed.
  • Once your participation is confirmed, it is not possible to make any modification, size, kw, category, etc.
  • The allocation of the positions is made according to the payments and under previous selection.
  • The number of food trucks is very limited and the organization reserves the right of admission.
  • The price of the stall DO NOT include the necessary material for it, tools, chairs, top/canopy, tents, tables, decorations, etc
  • You will need to bring that kind of materials yourself!


  • Everyone will have to bring their own material to set up their stall, plus chairs, awnings, tables or tents.
  • The stalls have to be set up and ready to open 1 hour before the official opening of the festival.
  • The stalls cannot be shared.
  • It is necessary to be present during all the market hours, and each of you attend your own stall.
  • The organization is not responsible for theft/breakage of personal items or lost, or accidents on materials for structures, etc.
  • All stalls have to take care of their space and leave it the same as found it at the start (clean, collected and virgin).
  • There will be trash/recycling bins in the perimeter. (Ecoteam normative: collection 2 times a day)

If doubts or unforeseen circumstances arise, please look for the organization's staff.                                                                                   


  • The loading and unloading will have to be easy and help entry/exit of vehicles.
  • Upon arrival: it is essential to go to the organization. We will check your reservation, we will assign you a space and a parking spot (all the food points will be in the central plaza)
  • We recommend having the material organized for unloading and fast transportation
  • Once your vehicle is unloaded, you have to remove it and park it, you cannot leave the car in the plaza, therefore you will be granted a parking spot numbered at the entrance.

Forbidden food:

  • Eggs: no fresh product with fresh eggs (no tortillas, no mayonnaise, no tiramisu, etc.)
  • Raw fish, Raw meat
  • Each plate must have a description of ingredients visible "at all times"
  • The prices of the products must be exposed and visible


  • Water tank
  • Hot water tank
  • Gray water tank
  • Water Tap with pedal
  • Extinguisher
  • Electric thermal magnet (4 kw or 6kw as agreed with the organization)