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Food Truck

Food Truck


Welcome to Own Spirit Festival 2019!

From the soul of Own Spirit we want to invite you to be an active part in this project, for this we want to make you participants and accomplices of our campaign, which looks towards a natural, healthy and ecosostenibile diet, this make us to propose only distribution and elaboration of homemade products, that are NOT bottled and that they are products from market and km 0. We will value more the stands that use fresh and seasonal products.

Own Spirit will monitor the energy expenditure of each stand and waste management such as water and waste, so that our impact is as less aggressive as possible. Thank you for collaborating with us and for integrating with this environment, for sharing and so we can grow together in the best direction, because we love each other, we want to do it well and because we love our magical Earth! we are One Spirit! We are Own Spirit!


You cannot use plastic for the distribution of food, dishwashing soaps or cleaning products that are not ecofriendly, you can only use products that are organic.

The sale of any alcoholic beverage or packaged soft drinks will not be allowed!!


(Pets are not allowed in the site, for any questions you can email:


Thank you and welcome to

Own Spirit food market



If you want to offer your food service please PLEASE, YOU HAVE TO READ AND ACCEPT THE  CONDITIONS  TO CONTINUE. 

and send us the form as detailed as possible before March 15, 2019 we will answer you as of April 15, 2019.

You will have 15 days to confirm and pay the selected amount.

The process of participation in the Market Food will be formulated in four progressive phases, in which it will start a selection process, if you meet the criteria and required conditions you can continue with the form.