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Energetic Breathing

The primary purpose of conscious breathing is not the movement of the air, but the movement of the energy. If you do a cycle of connected and relaxed breaths, you will begin to experience the energy flowing through your body. This stream of energy is the union of spirit and matter.

Energetic breathing is a therapeutic method based on conscious breathing and creative thinking, which promotes human self-knowledge, development and healing on a physical, mental and spiritual level. The breathing technique is continuous, connected and fluid. It is used for therapeutic purposes in bioenergetics and has been practiced worldwide for 40 decades. Through this gentle breathing technique, we recover our respiratory capacity and we gradually unblock the emotions that limit our true potential. It provide benefits in both emotional well-being and physical well-being.

BENEFITS: Energetic respiration is a safe process that releases accumulated tensions in the body and unnecessary memories to follow a full development. Breathing helps open the heart and therefore allows us to receive love, peace and abundance. Energetic breathing is a meditation and a source of energy. It is a very high personal experience. It is a very useful tool for people who want to find a deeper knowledge of themselves and increase their well-being.

Energetic breathing promotes the connection between inhalation and exhalation so that respiration results in a solid cycle. The most important thing is the balanced rhythm. This type of breathing is done mostly in the chest, with an emphasis on the lungs. It is a method that, in addition to being effective and powerful, is gentle, natural and safe.

Energy BREATHING is used to:
Give your life a deep and at the same time stimulating and fun approach. Observe negative and limiting beliefs or attitudes. Make aware of the fears that can slow down your life and dissolve them. Listen and pay more attention to your intuition. Learn to use conscious breathing on a daily basis.

Make peace with yourself, with others and with life. Losing fear of changes.