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Tropical Mystic is a musical project that arises from the vital need to share everything discovered in more than ten years of travels and experiences around the world.

I am passionate about creating moments of freedom and consciousness with music, where we can express ourselves through the body and dance.
A place where we can feel overflowing joy or enthusiasm, where we can vibrate in a timeless state of being generating the union of body, heart and mind.
My lineage leads me to feel and honor the connection with the tribe, that’s why the music I share in my sessions is very tribal and roots, to feel the earth and anchor ourselves in it and dance to the present from the heart.
As a Dj I like and I vibrate playing with sound, melodies, rhythms, tempos and musical diversity.
I love to generate energy, vibrate with the public and share spaces where dance is our communication.

Pure dance, pure enjoyment.

  • Bass music
  • New wave
  • Afrobass
  • Tribal
  • Tropical music
  • Down tempo
  • Caribbean
  • World music