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Ecstatic dance is a journey of connection with oneself and with others through music and dance, an experience to let us be guided by the wisdom of our body and our movement.

Navigating various rhythms and musical proposals proposed by the dj, and with the inspiration of the tribe on the dance floor we wake up to our authentic dance with freedom and without directivity. The slogans are simple: dancing barefoot and, most importantly, not communicating verbally, so, together we create a safe, respectful and trustworthy space where we can express, release, liberate, rest, play, etc. with presence and honesty and without judgments or expectations letting ourselves be carried away by music, movement, energy and the need of the moment. Ecstatic dance is a celebration of community life!

The session consists of: – Circle to begin – Brief warm-up to bring presence to the body – Session dj set ecstatic dance – Closing circle Ecstatic dance is an experience suitable for all types of people because it does not require any previous knowledge or experience in dance.