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Bonelli’s Eagle

(Hieraaetus fasciatus)

Since the earth is known as a planet, there has always been a series of elements that sustain the life of living beings. One of these elements is the coexistence and respect of, and towards all. For this reason, Own Spirit Festival decided not to interfere in the natural course and postpone the festival, and thus preserve the ecosystem and our gathering land, in order to be in symbiosis with nature and the wildlife and, above all, under the gaze and protection of this creature, the Bonelli's Eagle, in this land of reunion with Mother Earth.


Own Spirit Festival believes that integration with nature is essential to fulfill the cathartic experience and awareness that the festival has proposed. We are totally committed to respect the environment in all phases of the festival's development. We are very grateful to have such a beautiful land. We are aware of the impact of the event on the environment, so we want zero-contamination, so that we can repeat the experience for many years. Our policy in relation to the environment is Leave No Trace, for this reason, we invite all attendees to implement this initiative following these tips to keep the precious place that welcomes us as less contaminated as possible.

For this, to be accomplished, we have established an...

Eco-Fianza (deposit)

The Eco-Fianza is a mandatory deposit of € 5 (that will be deducted in the first charge that you do in your wristband). We will deliver you a clean camping area with much love, and the deposit will be refunded to you when you return your camping area as beautiful as you found it. Every day volunteers from the Eco-Team will be there to help you with whatever you need regarding the ecology of the festival.



Leave No Trace, is one of the core principles of Own spirit. Essentially, we are responsible for the resulting environmental impact of the occasion. Rather than leaving a sea of cans, cigarette butts, half-eaten food, discarded packaging, grubby clothes, wellies, sleeping bags and abandoned tents, so we leave only footprints. It is up to each of us to ensure the long-term survival of our event –and environment– by practicing and commitment to the LNT project. These top tips will help you to know what and how to do it, through proper preparation and being aware all through the festival.


Calculation of carbon footprint

We know that, it is impossible not to leave any trace, but if we can reduce it to the tiniest and afterwards compensate what we have not been able to avoid, so now, we are motorizing and collecting all the data on energy costs (electricity, water, transport) and resources (waste) for then be able to compensate it.

Together with Biodiversidad Aragón, after the festival, we will participate in the recovery plan for the Bonelli's eagle. Part of the plan is to plant trees with the compost generated in the festival, in educational activities that we will carry out with schools and the public of the area.


Waste management

We will have a waste separation system where your participation is fundamental. Upon entering to your parcel, we will provide you bags for the differentiated garbage, and we will give you instructions to follow. Every day between 5pm and 7pm, you will have to take your selected trash to your nearest Green Point.

Remember to read the festival guide to find out what kind of waste is not allowed at the festival.

Yellow: containers cans (crushed), plastics, bricks (do not put single-use disposable plastics).

Blue: CLEAN paper (without food).

Green: Glass, if possible try not to enter the festival with any glass.

Black: Leftovers, if possible not generate this type of waste.


We all need all our collaboration as a team, it is important that each of us help, because behind all this, there is a company that will weigh the waste and then be able to compensate it, remember that the best waste is the one that is not generated! The most important thing is to avoid the waste that goes to the black container!

Organic: We will not have collection of this type of waste for bureaucratic reasons, which obliges us to compost ALL the organic waste from the festival, which will then be used to plant trees and fertilize the land of the festival throughout the year.

Therefore, it is an opportunity to create fertilizer, and also, it is a challenge to do it well and with conscience, we will provide you instructions and various solutions.


Reusable glasses/cups

Keep your own glass and reuse it throughout the festival, take care of your glass.


Sustainable infrastructures

With much love, we have built dry-toilets, wonderful showers, and tanks to filter the water. It is very important that you help us make good use of these facilities, and take care of them, follow the recommended instructions of use.

It is very important that all products that you bring are biodegradable (shampoo, shower gel, creams, detergent, etc.) If you do not have any, we will provide them at the festival at a very low price (between € 3/5).


Training of staff/volunteers

We will have a team called EcoTeam that will be in charge of all the sustainability of the festival:

Manage the EcoFianza
Waste management
Help on camping ground every morning
Bathroom management
Sustainable infra and cleaning/hygiene products


We are training all the participants of the festival, from de organization, to volunteers, assistants, artists, all of them. We all have to contribute to take care of this beautiful piece of land that the universe has destined us to live this experience of connection, growth and elevation of the spirit; therefore, we have to thank and care Mother Nature who is giving us this mind-blowing scenario of transformation.