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From the very first breath, we possess the ability to express ourselves through our bodies. The vibration of movement uses the body as an instrument to convey our emotions, ideas, and sensations, and to manifest our intentions and attract what is available to us.

From a creative, authentic, and intimate space, we want to invite you to dance the elements of nature. Dance from within, generating movements of action for the sake of action itself, without setting intentions but receiving them, without being led by the rational mind but by the receptive one, dancing with full awareness in every moment, every breath, every element. A different way to expand your consciousness.

The purpose of this experience is to dance towards your being, a journey inward to connect with the natural bodily and artistic expression of your essence. We want to create an empty creative space where everything arises from nothing, giving way to a connection with imagination and self-discovery.

An experimental workshop with live music featuring high-vibration instruments: Quartz and alchemical singing bowls, Koshi chimes, Ottar, Udú, Hung drum, and other ancestral string and wind instruments from different cultures.

Water – The mother’s womb, birth.
Earth – The fertile body, the field of experiences.
Fire – The mask, transmuting identifications.
Air – Movement, the fusion of mind, voice, and heart.
Ether – Wholeness, everything or nothing, the mandala of unconditional love.

The workshop concludes with a deep meditation involving celestial communication (gestures with mudras and subtle movements).

Facilitators: Alejandra Soto and Toni Lledó Redondo.