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This will be a very special workshop taught by Coatl Gudha from Mexico in association with Filtrando Psicodelia from Brazil, where together they will teach their creative techniques.

  • TOTEM: through the connection with natural elementals and their ancestral symbology, we can play and create a sacred object (TOTEM) with organic materials. This will serve as a guardian of your natural energy.
  • DREAMCATCHER: Dreamcatchers are ancient shamanic charms of the North American native peoples, which were found in several tribes that had no connection with each other, and that’s why, it has become a global indigenous symbol. According to legend, this medicine has the power to filter dreams, so that its wearer no longer has nightmares from outside influences and can clearly interpret dreams that are premonitions.

By weaving the energy that is intentional it generates a manifestation in the middle. In this workshop you will learn more about the history of origin, meaning of colors, how to create pieces for decoration and protection.