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Cacao is a beautiful medicine from Mother Earth, food of the Gods, food that was stolen by Quetzalcoatl and given to humanity. Medicine that connects with the heart system, is a stimulant of the central nervous system, producer of endorphins, comforts and revitalizes the body.

On a spiritual level, it is the medicine of the loving word since it goes straight to the heart, freeing stagnant words, naming the emotions that have been able to generate blockages. It is an accelerator of blood flow and that’s why it allows us to see more clearly, with total openness and listening. It connects us with the earth, with the ancestors “La palabra florida” (the flowery word) as the grandparents used to say.

The Cacao Ceremony takes place in a sacred circle, a circle of love, respect and listening. Accompanied by native medicinal songs, shamanic drums, vibration of Tibetan bowls, gong, bells, a whole sound journey, the dance is present, we reconnect with our own voice, a voice that sings and expresses the breath of life.

Each gulp a prayer, each sip an intention, drops of that bitter but loving drink called cocoa.