At Circus Art, the stage becomes a canvas where art comes to life through unique and captivating performances. Fun overflows in every performance, enveloping spectators in a whirlwind of emotions and contagious laughter. Magic floats in the air, transforming the space into a realm of wonder where bodily expression becomes a means to convey enchanting stories. At Circus Art, dance merges with breathtaking acrobatics, fire shows, concerts, monologues… creating a visual symphony that leaves the audience in awe. Smiles multiply between the artists and the audience, generating a special connection that transcends barriers. Each performance is a testament to artistic mastery and physical prowess, making this section an unforgettable experience where art becomes a means to dazzle, entertain and celebrate creativity at its best.


Own Spirit

¡Grandes emociones e impresiones en nuestro inolvidable festival! No hay mejor momento que el tiempo compartido con buena música entre amigos.

2023-2024 Own Spirit Festival

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