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Connect with your power animal, a meditative journey through the beat of the shamanic drum to take root and go to meet one of our power animals.

A totemic animal that accompanies us temporarily or permanently in our life and that contains gifts, utensils and powers to walk under a more magical and sustained look. We can establish a dialogue with him and let his wisdom and energy incarnate in us.

We will claim his strength, way of being in the world and we will take him to those internal spaces that may need to be healed or impregnated with his energy.

How: after a brief introduction, we will open the sacred space of the realm of our imagination, we will connect with our original tree (our support and our access door to the collective unconscious) to prepare us to receive the visit or visits of those guides that are now present in our life. The necessary instructions will be given to navigate this trip and make the most of it while there will be a closing proposal: word circle and / or corporalization of the animal received (it all depends on the energy of the moment).